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At 5:58pm on August 30, 2014, Nabeel Ahmed said…


how r u?.

At 11:34am on November 27, 2010, Nabeel Ahmed said…
Sorry for Late reply, Thank you very much for your cooperation,
We are nothing, If we can help other we feel good, Actually the person who need wheel chair he can not reach internet, He contact me and i wrote you,and you know the problem of patient very well.
Recently I have seen a new patient of muscular dystrophy about 7-8 year kid, his sister also got this decease, but she died 15 days ago in den-gee fever in the age of 12, may ALLAH help all of us.
Thanks, Salam
Mehboob Ahmed
At 12:51pm on November 9, 2010, Nabeel Ahmed said…
How r u and how is your son, give my love to Muhammad Ali.
One of my friends son aged 14 years he is also suffering from Muscular dystrophy,and need a power wheel chair for him, He want to purchase a use Power Wheel Chair. please check at your sight,If you found please inform me. I will He will buy.
Recently One more case found in our relative.
Salam to you and your family
Take Care
At 3:43am on September 23, 2010, Nabeel Ahmed said…
Thank you very much,
At 10:30am on September 22, 2010, Nabeel Ahmed said…
How R U, Can i know the brand name of steroids available in USA,please reply with name.
Mehboob Ahmed
At 5:58am on September 18, 2010, Nabeel Ahmed said…
Thanks for your reply and suggestion to keep Nabeel Strong.....
How is Muhammad Ali and what is he doing now ?
At 2:18pm on September 14, 2010, Nabeel Ahmed said…
Eid Mubarik,
How R U , I have seen that Nabeel (my son )feeling weakness, is there any medicine to keep him strong,that he can hold water glass as usual boy can, and make himself perfect in hand writing.
At 7:57pm on December 16, 2009, Paul Johnson said…
I just read your story in the Philadelphia Inquirer... what a tough situation, I hope things work out for you and your family. Best wishes...
At 2:48pm on December 14, 2009, baljit kaur said…
Hello Djamel,
My name is Baljit my son Arun is 9yrs old.I was just going through this site and noticed your pictures. Your family is beautiful. Was your son at the mda camp in Worester,PA from June 14-20 2009?My son was there and I think they know each other.When he talks about camp he always mentions Mohamed and how funny he was.
Take care and let me know if I have the right Mohamed.
At 7:10pm on December 9, 2009, Hadi Kelany said…
Salaam Olakom my dear Brother
peace of Allah SWT be always with you
this treatment focus on 3 parts of body
blood, kidney , small tenstion and thus it can helps the child alot to impove his state
At 9:30pm on November 4, 2009,
Ryan Fischer
Hey my friend!

I will call you tomorrow, Pat sent me an email this evening. We will definitely reach out tomorrow.

At 6:43am on October 1, 2009, Nabeel Ahmed said…
Salam o Alaikum,
Eid Mubnarik, I hope you and your son fine, Nabeel enjoyed with his electric chair on eid days and he was happy, and says thanks to you,
At 3:18pm on April 6, 2009, Paul Johnson said…
You mentioned in a post you are a Vet ("Big Animal Dr") do you work at the Cape May County Zoo by chance? We usually spend a day there during our yearly vacation in Sea Isle City.
At 4:26am on March 31, 2009, DASUKI I ARABI said…
asssalamu alaikum,
hope you and your son are find.we are always in prayers that cure will come our way soonest
At 4:22am on March 31, 2009, DASUKI I ARABI said…
my son was first diagonised in aminu kano teaching hospital,kano,nigeria.we didnt accept the ba rest assured we went to SAUDI GERMAN HOSPITAL IN JEDDAH SAUDIA ARABIA,that was where it was confirm.i will never forget my experience the day the result was disclosed to us.
but on getting contact with pat purlong we discovered hopes are not loss and we are all happy again.
At 12:27pm on March 30, 2009, DASUKI I ARABI said…
my son SUYUDI D 18 years old.h was diagoniesd with beckers MD in 1999.he is not able to walk now.has completed secondary school,waiting for admission in to the university.
a very happy guy full of hopes and life.
he moves around with the help of an electric scooter.
he has a sister and a brother who is 12 years old now and is ok.
we will be glad to hear from parents of children in this condition.
At 9:11pm on March 18, 2009, djamel fathi said…
Elhamdoulillah,I hope he'll enjoy it,and better walk without it.
give my salam to everybody,salaam
At 1:03pm on March 18, 2009, Nabeel Ahmed said…
Salamualaikum, hope you are doing well by the grace of Allmighty ALLAH.
today i have recieved wheel chair, thank you very much for chair,
when nabeel will oprate it I will send you nabeel's picture with chair soon Inshallah. again thank you very much.
At 4:34pm on March 15, 2009, Karen Barnett said…
Did you recieve it OK in the email?
At 4:28pm on March 15, 2009, Karen Barnett said…
I'll copy it to an email and send it too you.

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