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At 9:50am on December 14, 2013, Christine Marie Pierce said…

My son Lance has DMD.  For the last year we have been doing an experimental therapy.  Lance is the ONLY person in the country - probably the world - to be trying this therapy.  We are having what I feel is AMAZING results and I think now might be the time to share this good news so that you too might consider the therapy for your child.

First - I want you to know that I have no affiliation with this company at all.  We only looked into this therapy because my husband had a stroke and was using this photobiomodulation to help himself with recovery.  The company, called The Hope Institute, suggested we treat Lance to see what results we could establish and we decided we would.  After all, it is only light therapy and it CAN'T HURT A PERSON IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER.

Here is the results after 10 months of therapy:


Standing - 10 seconds      Standing 50 seconds            

Blood Pressure - high        slightly elevated

Walking - 3 steps with assistance    walking 46 steps with assistance

heart rate - elevated controlled with medication   doctors considering removing medication

spine x ray - 10% curvature      NO curvature

attitude -  sometimes depressed / occasional crying jags  Lance is always happy

Now the doctors want us to get a gait trainer!  Yes!!!  That's right!  THE DOCTORS want to get Lance walking even more!! Now THAT'S progress!!!  I'm SO Excited!! 

The doctors are excited about Lance's progress too.  Can you believe it?  Yes, I said progress.  One doctor even said  "progress isn't a word we use with Duchenne patients, but in your case we can say it. That's astounding."

Now, let me tell you this… I am a mom who has a kid with DMD.  I know the hope we all hold out for our boys.  I also know how desperately we all want to grab onto any therapy.  I know we all need to find our own path and advocate for our sons.  That is why I have taken Lance to this therapy for a year and I have not shared this with you.  I wanted to make sure these results were real.  I do not want to give you false hope or false results.  

Gosh, I feel like I sound like a "too good to be true" infomercial.  I get that.  I know what it sounds like…but I am here to tell you that this is factual information and it is time to open this therapy up to all families who would like to see what this light therapy can do for your child.

Now, the Hope Institute in Easton Pa. ( located in Eastern Pa. about a 15 minute drive from New Jersey) is looking to try this therapy on some new patients to see if they can duplicate the results with others.  Yes, your child could be that person!  Even if it stops the progression of the disease, that's positive results!!  I know…it doesn't seem possible but I am here to testify that all you are reading above is true and accurate.  

Do you want to give this a try?  Remember, there is NO NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTS!  It's only light therapy.  It's kind of like laying under a tanning bed 2 or 3 times a week, except you don't get tan! 

I don't know if The Hope Institute's web site has been updated as of yet, they used to be ATA Revitalization.  You can look them up through Google and see what they do.  Yes, treating DMD and having positive results was hoped for, but not expected.  

Call Toni Chicci, the owner, directly.  She is waiting to get your son or daughter under these lights to see what positive results we can document for you.  Just think!  If we can duplicate these results with other MD patients, THEN, we might change the direction of this disease for the world!  What an amazing blessing this would be.  I have hope that this might be

At 3:49pm on February 27, 2013,

Perlita and Gordy-- Information about services for Matthew can be found on his memorial page:

At 10:54pm on November 27, 2012, Jessica Crowley said…
Hi Perlita & Gordy Hains. Do you attend the Circle of Friends meetings in Hershey ( 30 Hope Drive). It's for Muscular Dystrophy patients. There is one coming up on Sunday, December 2 from 1 - 2:30. I will be there if you would like to meet. I would definitly love to get together some time. My email is
At 7:00pm on January 12, 2012, marizela said…

Hola soy de Peru, Lima..siempre leo las noticias de los estudios y hoy me atreví a ingresar, yo tengo un niño de 11 años com DMD  se lo diagnosticaron  con una electromiografia hace 3 años, pero aqui siempre me dicen que no hay tratamiento, que la enfermedad no se conoce,, en estos 3 largos años tan tristes,no encuentro donde tratar a mi hijo, solo toma esporadicamente hidroterapias y fisico,  pero me incsribi en esta red y encuentro noticias de que hay medicamentos y ciertos avavnces, no se como yo podria acceder a algun estudio que pueda hacer a mi hijo, tampoco entiendo muy bien lo del salto de exon , pero quisiera que mi hijo se realize esa prueba, él a lo largo de estos 3 años ha perdido bastante fuerza, camina balanceandose y sube con dificultad las escaleras...Le agradeceria que ud. me informe un poco más sobre los avances y si mi hijo puede acceder a ellos. yo traduzco las paginas que me envia el ppmd y les estoy muy igual que todos los padres de los niños con DMD me siento impotente ante todo esto, pero tengo confianza en que nuestro Señor tendrá misericordia con nuestros hijos. Gracias mil de antemano y Dios bendiga y proteja siempre a nuestros hijos. Esperando noticias suyas.  Mi correo es

At 11:54am on March 16, 2011, Terry Porcaro said…
Hi Perlita & Gordy:  I saw your groundbreaking on facebook and just wanted to wish all of you the best of luck with the building of your new home.  I am a member of PPMD and the grandmother of two little boys with DMD, Cole, age 6 and Jack, almost 5.  Your boys are beautiful.  Best of luck to you.  Terry Porcaro
At 12:50am on February 3, 2011, Katherine Blake said…
Hi guys - Lebanon, PA!  Wow - I grew up in Ridley Park.  Small world.  We are currently overseas in Germany and don't know for how long.  I guess it will depend on how things go from my son, Eli.  It sounds like you are very involved - I look forward to talking with you more as we go through this.  We only received our diagnosis in the last few months, and it's been tough.  But, we are working together to get through this and to do the best we can for Eli.  Are you going to CHOP?  Do you recommend it? 
At 10:16am on January 4, 2011, Betty Vertin said…
Thanks for reaching out to us!  In the last month we've taken our son Max to see Dr. Wong in Cincinnati and for the first time since his diagnosis have some answers and guidance.  It is helping to have that knowledge.
At 5:37pm on July 29, 2010, Vee Lail said…
Hi Perlita. This is Vee, the radiologist from Vancouver, Canada. It was great meeting you, but too bad it was on the last day of the conference in Denver. We will also be going through the process of designing an accessible home soon. So keep notes about anything helpful an we can compare notes earlier. I agree--no one should have to think about these things! You have a beatiful family.
At 4:14pm on July 29, 2010, Allyson said…
I saw your posting re: building an accessible home. We are going through the same process, only at this point are looking to buy vs. build new. I sympathize, only because it is so frustrating!! You just don't really realize until you are in need of something very specific how elusive that thing can be. And you are right, we shouldn't have to be looking for it, or building it. I never dreamed a main-level home with an open floor plan would be so difficult to find.
At 3:30pm on April 9, 2010, Kristin Linke said…
I am about an 1:45 hours away from Toms River. Never been there though. We haven't met anyone near us yet that is going through this. As much information you can give your family, they really can't feel what we feel. I am pretty good at staying face, I am a veteran from the US Air Force and would like to say that my training has and will help me. This does take an emotional toll on us, but as I get focused on what needs to get done, I can push my emotions aside a little. Support definitely plays a factor on staying focused. I couldn't imagine going through this with out it. I hope that we can becom great friends and meet on of these days. God Bless,
At 2:43pm on February 9, 2010, Joanna Johnson said…
Perlita, I have gotten your last couple of messages and I am so sorry that I have not returned the calls. The weeks just keep flying by... Anyway, I wanted to call you, but now I can't find your #. If you feel like giving a call, we will be around tomorrow night or tomorrow during the day as it looks like the boys and I won't have school with the impending snow storm. Hope to catch up soon and I hope all is well with you. -Joanna
At 11:39am on November 24, 2009, Allyson said…
We just passed our 1-year "anniversary" of William's diagnosis. We found out the potential on Election Day, and the reality came true right after New Year's (we told the doctors we didn't want to hear anything until after the holidays). Just wanted to let you know our thoughts are with you also.
At 9:14am on September 25, 2009, cindy q said…
Hi Perlita!
Good luck with your 5k event for Levi! I wish I lived closer to come out and support you! Let me know how it goes!
At 2:20pm on July 29, 2009,
Pat Furlong
Hello Perlita and Gordy, Thank you so very much for inviting me. I would love to come, but it is a bit uncertain at this moment. My daughter is getting married in Philadelphia on October 10 and I think I may be in Philadephia during that time. How far are you from Philly?
Warm regards,
At 10:49am on July 29, 2009, Missy Shutts said…
Have him email me his contact information and we can add him to our team. He can also go online and create a fundraising page. You are going to have such a great crowd there!
At 9:03pm on July 28, 2009, Dana Edwards said…
YES!!! Brian is happy you are coming and the kids FOR GET ABOUT IT!! EXCITED!! You will be sleeping like Lucy and Desi LOL. The kids can sleep everywhere. I love you and can't wait to see you. I talk to Siragusa tomorrow at 11am call me
At 9:12am on July 24, 2009, Missy Shutts said…
I was so excited when I saw that you signed up! You all will absolutely love it! You will be receiving your fundraising packet in August. Then you will receive your shirts sometime later in the fall. We are redesigning them! You have such a beautiful family :)
At 9:02am on July 17, 2009, Sharyn Thompson said…
Hi Perlita,

I am so sorry, I keep forgetting to reply back to you! I am so busy these days, especially with new baby due in less than 4 weeks.

Anyway, James went on steroids when he was first diagnosed - he was 2 yes 3 mths. We noticed huge changes very soon after, he was even jumping with 2 months! He is now 5 and not on the ptc124 trial as he was too young when it all began. Reading others experiences of drug trials, I am glad we didn't put him on it. They are saying results are good and expecting it to be rolled out by end of 2009/start of 2010, so we are pretty excited about that. I can't remember if Ive already asked - does your son have nonsense mutation?

Anyway, I'm in a coffe shop, typing this on my phone, which is very time consuming. I just wanted you to know that I wasn't ignoring you! I don't get much tim to myself and hardly get onto ppmd of late. Hopefully that will change after baby born. You on facebook? I'm on there often (very easy on my phone). If so, look me up - sharyn real Thompson.

Bye for now, have a good weekend.

Sharyn xx
At 11:59pm on July 14, 2009, Erin said…
Hey Perlita, have fun at the beach. No she did not make it. I am pretty sure I had sent you the correct evite because there was an address change. I did not realize it until late Friday . Appts went well. no major chages. Glad to be home. Talk to you soon.
At 9:22pm on July 6, 2009, cindy q said…
Hi Perlita, it was so nice to meet you in Atlanta. You have a beautiful family. When you get a chance check out what I am up to at
I am hopeful that PTC124 will be ready for Levi! Take care!

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