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At 2:28am on September 2, 2010, Leeandra Arhdeacon said…
Hi kim,i was wondering if you will be attending the stride and ride at the oakland zoo? we are curious on what goes on and were considering on going. Any imput would be great.
At 8:13pm on August 23, 2010, Lesley Wilson said…
Hi Kim,

I never touched base with you to see how the get together went! I'm hoping we can make the next one.

Hope all is weel with you and your family!

At 1:02am on April 13, 2010, Lesley Wilson said…
Hi Kim,
Thank you so much for the note!! I wish we could come on Saturday, but it is Jordan's 4th Birthday, so we will be celebrating with a little party! ;o)

I'm trully hoping I can attend the next function, I would love to get to meet you all.Hope all is well... take care!

At 1:42am on November 3, 2009, mariela pedroza said…
thank you for your comment, we need some help, we are trying to decide to go to UC Irvine or Dr. Wong, ? so many different opinions from different parents? If you have a chance to talk I will greatly appreciate it, thank you
At 6:41pm on August 26, 2009, Kimberly Hannan said…
Oh, since I am out of that loop I hadn't heard. But it is better to be safe than sorry. John would have cried all week. He LOVED it. But since it does attack the lungs that definitely would not be good. I will have to remember to ask next year. I hope all is well with you and the family. Take care!
At 8:31am on August 26, 2009, Kimberly Hannan said…
Hello---we chatted about camp several months ago. I was wondering how it went? Did he have fun? How did you do? I hope it was awesome and you had a nice break. IF you get a minute, let me know. I would love to hear all the details. Have a great day! Kim
At 11:00pm on August 25, 2009, Keith Van Houten said…
Kim - I got part of my private message through to you, but part 2 keeps getting a timeout error and won't go through. Send me a message with your regular email and we can continue the conversation. Thanks, Keith
At 11:47am on March 20, 2009, Kimberly Hannan said…
I added Johnner's picture. It ended up there twice....not sure why. This was taken during his last year of school 05-06. He graduated June 6, 2006. I will add more. I have zillions. Enjoy.
At 8:36am on March 19, 2009, Kimberly Hannan said…
Thank you. Johnner's progression was fairly swift comparing him to some of the other boys we met. At seven he was very contracted and had cord releases and tendon transfers and went into long leg braces and a manual chair part-time. He walked in the long leg braces for the next four years. He did well in the house or inside but outside it was really difficult. He would get tired but we went his speed so he could enjoy his life and live it just like he wanted to :) We say we got to smell the roses thanks to him..... At 11 he "sat down for good." That still breaks my heart. But shortly after this he got his power chair and it was FABULOUS. He had independence and we had to run to keep up with him. The next few years were really good. He was getting around, living life, and having fun. Then he started to have lung function issues and the lumbar lordosis started. He had spinal fusion, rods, at about 14. That was really hard for him and if I had to do it again....I am not so sure it would be done. My own opinion. He did bounce back and was pretty good but the lungs kept failing and then his heart was getting weak and cardiomyopathy started to set in. So lots more pulmonology and cardiology appointments. Johnner had decided early on no feeding tube/ventilation. At 18 he had all of his medical power of attorney and DNR paperwork done. We always said he was the man "driving the car" and we were riding was hard for him to make the choice....he was getting tired. In the spring of 07 he got REALLY sick and his lungs clogged with mucous. He did not want to go to the hospital. At this time we had lots of nursing hours at the house.....we took care of him and got through this. He lost 30 pounds in three weeks. It was so hard. But he pulled through and the last 15 months were rough. He was so tired, weak, couldn't do what he wanted....but we had a great time doing what he could and loving every extra minute we had with him. We brought hospice in and it was a really good thing. He had a stroke, July 2--his dad's birthday-- at the end and that is how he went, the next day. I miss him so much. But I am blessed to have been given Johnner and he was hear to teach us lessons. I hope we were wise enough to learn them. Ask me any questions you want to and I will be happy to answer, etc. I know it is rough....but as I was told a zillion times you are given only what you can handle....I wondered why God thought I could handle is because he knows DMD boys need extra special must be awesome, too. Take care.
At 2:45pm on March 10, 2009, Rodney Foster - Sam's Dad said…
Hi Kim, What type of Scooter does your son use? Our OT has recomended the gogo elite and the lynx. The one we choose will be modified to better suit a child.These are light and transportable due t o the modular design. Sam is only six but we don't want him to tire himself out walking long distances. Sam is still steroid free but that probably won't last alot longer.
At 1:06am on March 2, 2009, Mindy said…
Hi Kim,
We use deflazacort, too. Aidan has been on it for two years now.

I did do IVF with PGD. We have a one year old son, Graham, from the second round. We started out with boy/girl twins, but lost the girl early on.

I would love to have another, but husband tolerance is slim to none on that one.

Take care,
At 11:31pm on March 1, 2009, Mindy said…
Hi Kim,
Thanks for letting me know. Aidan is 5 1/2 years old. I hope this doesn't sound terrible, but I have seen so many boys around Alex's age and older who have been on steroids for years, and it is very hard to think about Aidan looking that way. Alex looks so great that I was thinking that if he's on steroids that it gives me hope, if that makes any sense.

How is your younger son doing? I remember you being concerned about his speech? I hope that all is well.
At 6:27am on February 28, 2009, Brian Denger said…
Hi Kim,

Two sites I recommend for SPED information are Wright's Law: and NICHCY:
I believe boys with DMD require many different services than other child who need SPED that their plans are truly individual making an IEP necessary.

Please e-mail me directly with your questions as I may have more information:

Best regards,

At 6:33pm on February 16, 2009, Gregory said…
Please join our San Francisco Bay Area Families group.

At 7:08pm on January 29, 2009, Wendy St.Geme said…
Hi Kim! Thank you for your response to my post! We are planning for Nathan to go to cam this year. I'm learning that there are different districts. We are in the Susanville district. Where will Alex be going? I'd love to get the boys together regardless. . .I think it's important for them to have friends that they can relate to so closely!
At 11:47am on January 27, 2009, Joel Rhodes said…
Just saying hi. Hope everything is going well, and wish the best for you and your family.
At 2:18pm on November 30, 2008, Julie Garcia said…

I love the new pictures! The children are all beautiful!!!

At 7:39am on September 22, 2008, Julie Garcia said…

Happy belated birthday to Alex! Looks like a lot of fun.

At 3:07pm on September 19, 2008, Rebecca Saulsbury said…
I'm so glad about Alex's visit! Yes, good days are a precious commodity and we need to take 'em when we can!
PS saw you on the telethon, how was it?

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