This month is our month. As a community, September has come to mean the start of the school year, vacations are over, sleeves are rolled up, and the nitty gritty work of ending Duchenne kicks into high gear. And September means Coach To Cure MD.  I am not a football expert, but I follow the sport and I was struck by how their terms and our terms sometimes parallel each other.

Duchenne September  College Football Artificial Turf Head Coach Mississippi Ohio State U. Michigan Game Day  Assistant Coach Home Field Advantage  Pigskin Playbook  Coin Toss  Linebacker Defensive Lineman Defensive End  Tackle Field of Play  Formation Kickoff Live Ball  Duchenne Diagnosis  Blind Side  Personal Foul Odds  Delay of Game Fumble Offensive Line Genotype Phenotype Natural History Registries  Defensive Holding Offensive Holding  UCLA U Kentucky U Cincinnati  Controlling the Clock  U Pennsylvania  U Washington U  Rochester UNC Face Mask Nose Guard  U Pittsburgh Piling On Blackout False Start Kickoff  Fumble  Punt Readying the Defense  Running Back Optimal Care Man-to-Man Coverage Hash Marks Neutral Zone Academic Research Mousetrap Trenches Drug Development  Placekick  Interception  Cheat Sheet Quarterback  Center First Down  IND Orphan Status  Safety  Play-Action Protocol Incomplete Pass Double Team Pass Protection Phase 2  Dose Finding Line of Scrimmage  Field Goal Extra Point  Substitution Primary Receiver Blitz Scramble Snap Second Forward Pass  FDA  Pass Defender  Sidelines Holding  Hang Time Wishbone Formation Rush   Shire Prosensa Tivorsian Valadis GSK PTC  Strong Safety Play Clock Counter Wide Receiver Half Back Nose Tackle Defensive End Fullback Wide Receiver First and Ten  Penalty Time Out  Eligibility Criteria  Clinical Trials  Primary Outcome Snap Incomplete Pass  Receiver Multiple Offense Interference Adverse Events Trials on Hold Out of Bounds Double Pass Game Ball AVI Pfizer Acceleron ReveraGen Tight End Touchback Pass Interference Reverse Return First Down U. Texas Colorado Iowa Flag on the Play Exclusion Criteria Phase 3 Linebacker Forward Pass  In Bounds Line of Scrimmage Substitution Too Many Men on the Field Blitz Kick Back Roughing the Kicker  Biopsies Blood Draws Two Point Conversion Weak Side (Un)necessary Roughness  Data Analysis  Referee Regulatory Hurdles Takeaway Free Safety  Drop Kick  Midfield Open Receiver  Offensive Line  Three Point Stance Fair Catch Fullback Spiral Play Action Pass Signals Tackle-T Formation Flanker Passing Game Point Spread Two Minute Warning Time Out Access Program NDA Turnover  Forward Pass Hail Mary  End Zone Overtime Holding Recover Running Back Receiver Overtime Pass Play  Goalpost Touchdown  Approved Treatments Access  Gratitude   …. Coach to Cure MD

Fighting Duchenne takes team work. It takes all of us working together to push research and care forward.  When you make a donation, when you text a $5 gift, when you host a tailgate party, when you tell your family’s story to your local media, you help us move closer to the End Zone. With you on our team and on the field, we will end Duchenne.

Now is the time to get off the sidelines and get in the game.

Join our team.

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