With the 5th annual Coach To Cure MD right around the corner on September 29, 2012, we wanted to tell you why you should make this the year you get in the game and show your support for one of the biggest national awareness campaigns in the Duchenne community. And we wanted you to hear it from families that have participated since the beginning... Here's why the Dumm Family joined the team!


... Because together, we are a powerhouse.
The Dumm Family

Why are you on the team?

We are on the Coach to Cure MD team because we believe in it. The power of one person, one uncle to one child with Duchenne, created a movement so powerful that you can't turn on the TV during CTC weekend and NOT see a college team participating. We are on the team because together we are the powerhouse that will tackle Duchenne once and for all. We are on the team because we love our son and want nothing more than to see him one day out on that football field, running, catching and tackling like every other boy.


How does your family participate?

We have been a part of Coach to Cure MD for the last four years. We have experienced so many blessings being a part of this awesome team. Meeting a coach that we idolize (Jim Tressel) and learning such a valuable life lesson from him.  45 Minutes before his first Big 10 game he came out to the field and talked to John Owen. He was 100% present to our son, nothing else in the world mattered to him but what John Owen had to say. That day taught us that each second we have with each other is so very valuable and we now are Present not just with the ones we love but everyone we get the opportunity to meet.

This year, we plan on watching the Purple Raiders (Mount Union) make some awesome plays on 9/29/12. We want to meet all the players and give them big ol' hugs for taking the time each year to honor our boys.

Who is the special person you're fighting for?

Our son, John Owen, is eight. He was diagnosed at four with this muscle killer. He is a fighter and a lover. We are so proud of his strength and determination to live his life to the fullest. He has many friends at school, plays relentlessly with his brothers and believes that Jesus is always on his side. We are so lucky to fight for our son, he has taught us and everyone in our community about what it means to live life.




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