When Larry and I lost our son Peter to Duchenne more than 35 years ago, there was virtually no Duchenne community to speak of. We felt completely alone.

So much has changed in the ensuing years. To begin with, PPMD was founded. And it’s no accident that, since then, we’ve made great progress—in our understanding, in our care, in the support we get from our representatives in government. It’s progress that we’ve made together, as a community. No longer do families suffer in isolation the way that my family did.

That is why Larry and I are matching all donations to PPMD up to $50,000. We’re helping them kickstart their fundraising goal of $200,000. Make a gift right now, and we’ll double it!

PPMD’s support of early-stage research has helped us get as far as we have. But it’s not just the research. It’s also the relationships that PPMD has built over the years—connecting families to policymakers, patients to researchers, and all of us with each other.

It’s only because of our strength when we act together that we’ve made it this far. For this reason, and so many more, we are continuing to support PPMD and their mission to end Duchenne.

Our progress has been remarkable. But we also know how much more there is to do. We can’t stop until 100% of our families can turn to treatments.

We’re on the cusp of significant milestones for Duchenne treatment, something we couldn’t even have dreamed of a few short years ago. But this is no time to rest. Larry and I are in a hurry. Aren’t you? It’s vital that we keep supporting the early-stage research that leads to real progress for every single member of this community.

Donate now to pursue research that could benefit every single family. We will match your donation up to $50,000, so your gift will go twice as far.

Right now, PPMD is funding many early-stage research projects. With your help, we can reach our fundraising goal and identify solutions that could benefit everyone.

I want to thank you for being a part of this community I care so much about—and for helping PPMD work toward solutions that will truly end Duchenne.

Best to you this holiday season,

Mary-Lou Weisman

P.S. Support early-stage research today, and Larry and I will double your gift!

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