We went to the mda clinic on the first. The doctor there told us that my son doesnt need to wear his AFOs (leg braces). This made my son and myself very happy because he hates wearing them. Well after being told this we went to the pt and she informed us that he needs to wear them regaurdless of how strong his ankles are because with him being in his wheelchair his heel chords will get tight and he wont be able to take a step. After my son heard this he got scared he says im scared not to be able to walk. So we asked him which he would rather do wear braces or not walk of course after some thought he says wear braces. Now my question to you is this why do we feel the need to make our boys miserable just to prolong the outcome that is going to happen any way. My son is almost 9 and he is in a wheelchair all the time at school and on a walker at home. So what is there to do now?

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