Yesterday, I found myself forgetting about DMD. As we might think, this is a great thing, I realized how it can be bad also. You see I had two of my boys with me while I was shopping (Levi 4 who has DMD and Ben who is 2). I was trying to get through the store, and found myself getting irratted at both the boys to hurry up. At one point I look down and see Ben at my feet, but did not see Levi. Thinking Levi is probably playing on the aisle we were just on, I tell Levi "to come right now, and he needs to catch up." At that moment Levi spoke, and it brought me back to reality that I had forgotten about. He looked at me, and said "I am coming as fast as I can". I slowed down after that comment, as I saw that we was indeed not playing around, but was getting tired from walking.

As much as I never want to hear the words DMD again, I am thankful for how it does remind me to take time with my family today (even if it is just grocery shopping), because tomorrow is not promised to us.

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Comment by Rebecca Saulsbury on January 1, 2010 at 6:52pm
That still happens to me too. My son is 9 and I have to really stop in my tracks sometimes (like re-winding a tape and start over). I think for me this whole experience has taught me a lot about not just thinking about myself, which is my fall-back. I mean, he can't help it, can he? If it takes longer than our schedule allows to get to school or whatever, I'm starting to realize our schedule is wrong. And that's okay. I have to take a LOT of deep breathes. Thanks for posting this.
Comment by Kelvinsmom - Michelle on May 26, 2009 at 7:10pm
I believe we all go through this. I go days at a time without checking this website and then there are times I just want to know more. I'm finding myself looking here less and less and Kelvin has done better and better and I seem to "forget" often and I am no longer thinking about what he has every day. Of course, when I have to pick up supplements, order steroids, make appointments, etc., it brings me quickly back, and, at night, I guess I no longer think about what I'm doing when massaging, stretching, putting on braces, etc. I think that after a year or so after finding out, it is getting to be "normal" and so, well, it is easy to forget what is going on. Maybe that is a good thing, although, we'll always be brought back to reality, unfortunately. Michelle

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