We did it! Over $270,000 raised to support early-stage research.

Last month we told you we hoped to raise $200,000 to support new, early-stage research. Throughout the month, we told you about potential therapies like epicatechin. We told you about generous matches from Mary-Lou and Larry Weisman and the Dumm Family/John Owen’s Adventure.

And how did our community respond? By not only hitting our goal, but surpassing it! Thanks to supporters like you we raised over $270,000 to support early-stage research projects in 2016!

Few of us chose to be part of the Duchenne community, and yet here we all are. Navigating difficult, sometimes unchartered waters with the support and understanding of one of the strongest communities in the rare disease world. We bring each other comfort. We challenge each other. We support each other. We speak a language few understand. And we do it for the extraordinary people in our lives living with Duchenne.

We are so grateful for every single family in this community, for every single gift made this holiday season. Because of the generosity of people like you, PPMD will continue to explore promising new research that has the potential to help every single person with Duchenne.

The New Year is already packed with critical next steps. Soon we are expected to hear the FDA's decision regarding drisapersen. On January 22, eteplirsen will take center stage as our community participates in a second Advisory Committee meeting. And that's just two of the dozens of therapies continuing to move forward.

It will take the strength of all of us, together, to effect the changes necessary to end Duchenne. PPMD is here to help guide you and your family.

Thank you again for supporting PPMD at this important time in our community’s history.

Happy 2016 from your PPMD family!

Pat Furlong

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