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I am often so focused on wanting to save my own son's life that I sometimes forget how many boys and their families and friends are affected by this terrible disease -- More than 300,000 boys worldwide have Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy! 

As most of you know by now, I am circulating a petition, via Change.org, asking George Clooney to watch my YouTube video, “The Cory Story of Hope: Let’s Go VIRAL FOR A CURE!” in an admittedly farfetched, perhaps crazy attempt to gain his support.  (Sometimes it’s worth just trying to hit one out of the ballpark.)  What to lose? If nothing else, it’s helping to spread awareness of, and support for, finding treatments and a cure. 

When people sign the petition, they are given the option to explain why. Here are just a handful of responses thus far, from all over the world:


Why Are you Signing?


“For Cory, for all boys with Duchenne and in memory of Chris and Patrick.”  -- Pat Furlong, middletown, OH  (Pat, who lost two sons to Duchenne, is the founder and director of Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy, leading the fight to find a cure.)


“This is in honor of Julian who has died from complications caused by Duchennes.”  -- Heidi Miller, Citrus Heights, CA


“Living inspired by my brother John, who lived 42 years strong with DMD. He lived each day with the hope for a cure -- let’s FIND ONE.” -- Lisa Parker, Baton Rouge, LA


“No parent should ever lose a child!!! Seeing them suffer and you have no control is something I don't think any parent should go through!” --  Erika Olivis, Lemoore, CA


“We need a cure to help save the lives of young people with DMD and for the memory of all those who have bravely fought the battle before them. DMD doesn't only destroy muscles, it destroys the hearts of all those who love these young warriors. Please help us.” --  Amanda Cave, London, United Kingdom


“No child should have to live with something like this. I know Cory, and he deserves to live a long and healthy life. Cory's smile will light up a room, and when I say hello to him . . . and he tips his hat "just so". . . well, let's just say that my heart melts. I am a Mom, and I know that as a parent this is breaking their hearts. There needs to be an answer for this lovely boy!” --  Kim Richardson, Missoula, MT


“My boys have DMD and are ages 5 and 8. I wish for them the same dreams as all other children -- to grow into adults and have the time to create their lives before they are stopped short by this disease.”
-- Lauren Fritz, Pottstown, PA


“This is a heartbreaking disease; my little brother suffers from it and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't wish it could be me instead of him. As a big sister, it feels horrible that there is absolutely nothing I can do to protect him from this or to make it better.” --  Lauren Senior, Mirfield, United Kingdom


“Both of my grandsons, Michael Roberts 4 years old and Mac Roberts 2 years old, have this disease. I want to see them grow to live full and happy lives and we must have a cure for DMD to help them fulfill this quest for life.” --  LouAnn,  Roberts, Lemoore, CA


“This disease is taking the lives of so many young boys. Their parents watch them slowly deteriorate and then . . . ( Please, Mr. Clooney, read the pleas for your help. You have resources at your fingertips that many of us don't. I went to school with Cory's Dad and his siblings. This is so heartbreaking. Thanks for reading this.)” --  XXOO, Suzanne Ford, Bethel, CT


“Our 11 and 3/4s year old, Simon, has Duchenne and is participating in the Exon 51 skipping trial of Prosensa. He's a pioneer, boldly going where no young man with DMD has gone before (well, almost). And his smile puts Brad Pitt's to shame!” --  Andrea Cleary, St-Lambert, Canada


"Time is running out for my son, our sons.” --  Deborah Robins, Smithfield, Australia


“I love Cory! He is the happiest little guy, inquisitive, intelligent, funny and loves his dogs and amusement parks! He is also the bravest child I know. . . I want him to be able to enjoy a long and happy life but that won't happen without the cure. Please pass this on and on and on . . . together we can fund the research and find the Cure for Duchenne.” --  Marie Stalling, Fairfield, CT  (Cory's wonderful aunt.)


“Because Cory is my son and because I have seen the shadow of Duchenne in our boys' eyes, in their parents' eyes, that even their beautiful smiles can't hide. Because I want us to beat Duchenne for all our boys.“ -- Christine Stalling, Missoula, MT


Please add your thoughts to these worldwide voices! If you have not yet signed my petition, please do – and encourage all your friends and family to sign. CLICK HERE: SIGN MY PETITION NOW! 

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