Update on March 2015 Recall Notice for Deflazacort 30mg (Masters Marketing)

There has been new information regarding the March 2015 recall of Deflazacort batches JL21 and JL28 from Masters. It seems that these batches were recalled due to a suspected lack of stability of the drug when stressed by time, temp, etc. Batches of drugs imported into the US are randomly “stress tested” to make sure that, if they are stopped in port for a period of time (“stressed”), that they will retain their stability. Those 2 batches of deflazacort were suspected of instability, so they were recalled.  

Masters Marketing reports that, although they did have a brief issue with supply, that they are now fully stocked.

Masters now does require an annual letter of importation from prescribing providers (NHRA requirement), which they are trying to simplify as much as possible. However, as a result, all imported drugs are now packaged to include the letter, invoice and prescription, so if the drug is stopped in customs, it should be much easier to get it released. Masters has also switched to DHL as their currier – packages will now arrive in 2-4 business days and can be tracked.

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Recall Notice for Deflazacort 30mg

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