All marathoners will tell you the best and worst part about “the marathon” is it’s unpredictability. You can prepare, train, and practice, but no runner can be absolutely ready for what actually happens race day…and thus its great parallel with life.

For some there is victory, and others agony, there are always choices and consequences, risks and rewards, and even though there can only be one “winner”, all who finish receive a metal signifying ones dedication to completing the race they started.

I ran Honolulu for my Dad, and experienced the “joy” of just living in the moment. Thanks Heather for having me look up & see the fireworks!

I ran Arizona for myself, and learned that pride will push you do things before you are really ready, and it hurts.

I ran New York City for Micah, Addison, Jacob, and all the sons afflicted with DMD, and was able to completely understand, in the short term, how your body can limit you, but your heart can sustain you in accomplishing whatever you set out to do, which we are ALL capable of doing, and these boys already know… what a gift they are to all of us. Thank you, Micah, Addison, & Jacob for giving me the opportunity to honor you by completing this race.

On Sunday November 2, 2008, Heather and I finished the NYC Marathon in 6 hours 5 minutes. My brother Norm finished in 4 hours 9 minutes and is looking forward to running Seattle Marathon at the end of the month with Team HAM.

Thank you for all your prayers, donations, support, and well wishes. Please keep our Seattle Marathoner’s, Team HAM** in your prayers as they are all in the final stages of preparation for their race.

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