I have been putting faith in knowing I will be shown exactly what I
should do next in my career. Do I continue to work full-time in a field
that keeps me from having enough time with my boys? Or Do I make my
time with the boys top priority which would put my current career in
jeopardy? Is there even a possibility that these are not mutually
exclusive ideas?

It's important to me to make a difference with the work I do, but I feel so distracted wanting to be there more for my
kids, especially before and after school. Feeling guilty being at work
and feeling guilty being home when we need my income.

So the path laid out for me seems to be to work. I am due to receive a great
job offer within my company but on a contract working for Lockheed
Martin. The location is 10 minutes from home, which is pretty sweet. I
think this will be a great job for me with a huge amount of room for
learning. I just hope I can maintain my work-life balance and manage it
better too.

All of this contemplation of life changes stems from the fact that the Duchenne MD community has lost 3 teenage boys over
the last few months - two 15 year olds and just recently a 16 year old.
Last year around this time, we lost three 13 year olds. They are too
young, especially now that we see more treatments helping our boys live
better and longer lives.

So... This all still begs the question if working full-time is really my calling.

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Comment by Ann Avery on October 27, 2010 at 10:49pm
But--think of the many others with DUchenne who are now living much longer than age 16. My son will be 30 in December. If work is satisfying to you than you will be showing your sons a good thing. Just wish you had more hours in a day and didn't need to sleep--if you have the energy than it sounds like you have the best of both worlds. Think more quality than rushed quanity. Still, the debate will never end about stay at home moms vs. "working" Moms........

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