Thoughts on Being a Part of PPMD and the PAAC

There is a certain sense of solidarity we derive from those moments in which we share in the suffering of others. In sharing in the suffering of others, we start realizing that suffering is not a unique cross to bear. Rather, suffering is something that is part and parcel of the human condition. Once we learn one suffers the same as us, we begin to learn that we are never truly alone.

We must however recognize that the solidarity we derive from sharing in the suffering of others is precisely what allows us to appreciate the worth of triumph through collective action. My recent experience with a proverbial regiment of DMD warriors was truly an embodiment of solidarity through suffering. DMD is our collective plight and as such we have obliged ourselves to endure this suffering together so that one day, our collective willingness to endure physical and emotional hardship, will result in the collective triumph of a cure.

Having the opportunity to interface with my fellow DMD brethren was truly a humbling experience. But I was equally impressed by the dedication espoused by our able-bodied allies, who have fought just as hard if not harder, for the coveted victory of a cure. Whether we like it our not, DMD has made our lives terribly difficult. Yet, through all the pain of perdition, we have managed to remain remarkably resilient.

Our resiliency becomes particularly salient when our collective sense of optimism allows us to think proactively about improving the status quo. For the temptation to wallow in sorrow is certainly tempting. It is easy to sit back and complain regarding the bad hands we were dealt. But what comfort does self-pity provide save for a brief respite from the battles that must be fought? If we desire victory, then we must fight those battles and the best means of doing so is to actively change our present situation.

This is the metaphorical marching order for our embattled group of warriors, a group of warriors that can only be described as a band of brothers, and also, sisters. We have been tasked with considering ways in which we can improve our quality of life, through advocacy and enlightenment. The more we are able to educate others regarding our plight, the better equipped we are to change those circumstances, which have added to the difficulty of our lives. And the more people know, the more likely we are to enlist their support in this collective fight against DMD. I am truly looking forward to fighting our future battles with gusto. So long as I remain in the company of those like me and those who support me I should not be afraid. This is our duty and this is our obligation. That being said, I hope my words can serve as a source of inspiration to any all people affected by DMD.

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