It's the day before Thanksgiving. The house needs to be clean-especially the kitchen (LOL) and the little Turkey roast we got needs to be defrosted. Groceries needs to be put on shelves and my temptation to the eat the pumpkin pie now needs to vanish so I have it to enjoy tommarrow.

Tim has a 8 page essay that needs to be written before the 4th and an anime presentation for his Japaneese class. So we gave up the idea of going to Orlando so that these things can (and WILL!!) get done. So this Thanksgiving, we are spending alone.

Tim is still not able to eat solid foods since his hospitalization in September, so he is schedule to see the Gastro next week to see why. He still is having difficulty swallowing as lately I too been having that issue. He can eat soft foods like Mash potatoes or sweet potatoes. So I am making him candy yams for tommarrow and see if maybe he can try the roast turkey. We are going to give it an attempt. He does not like Pumpkin pie at all, or any pie for that matter. Please don't ask me why. He is strange in his own way. Funny...I guess that is how some men are. Even his dad is like this. He is truely a Lopez. Its can you not like Pie? Right?! Only gotta love him.

The Florida weather has been playing the Roller Coaster game. I like to blame all the northners or /and Canadians who bring it down and cool off our nice warm weather. Please leave it up there. Florida is our warm state, we like to keep it that way. If we want the cold and snow, we know where to go to get I like to still run around bare foot and wear shorts, but its sort of hard to when somebodies bring all that cold weather down.

The trees have not turned to those beautiful golden and auburn colors yet here, but know it will soon -at least in Northern Florida it will. My family (the Bird part) will be scattered throughout USA. Most likely Christmas will be the same. My family apparently don't beleive in Reunions anymore- not even trying Skype. Its like they all are in their little world-all of them. We could go to Orlando and put off the essay til the weekend. But I know Tim, he will put it off till the last minute. I hate that. I'm debating whether we should go to Orlando to be with family. Maybe we should. go....or they can come here. nah that would mean i really would need to clean (Ok, I am trying to get out of cleaning the hosue- what a lazy bum! )

So....for me Thanksgiving is about family. Not just all that good food. I love family gathering. There is something about FAMILY. Something special. The thrill of listening to laughter. The excitement of cooking together. The joy of hearing stories. The sacredness of praying together. The santuary of feeling safe...& most of all loved.

Although I have a very dysfunctional wierd but strange family, I"m still thankful for them. And at the rate we are going, I'm afraid the next reunion won't be till we are in Heaven. It's sad and ashame....that there are not enough "Hello's" down here on earth when we do have each other, and to many "good-byes" at funerals where it ends.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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