Keep them coming - I am thrilled to have so much interest in the next JettRide!!!

The first JettRide in 2007 was truly a labor of love. My daughter Jordan did the entire ride, 3,800 miles in 9 weeks, at the ripe old age of 14 and "NO", she was not an athlete of any sort. She had never ridden a bike before that! I really didn't think she could do it - I learned that our kids, our "normal" kids, really have so much to offer when given the chance. They want to help, they want to make a difference and they love feeling empowered by being able to give to others.

Quiet little Jordan stepped up to the plate, she spoke on behalf of DMD across our entire country, she spoke to the media, newspapers, strangers. She met with other families affected by DMD in parts of the country that no one knew existed, families who never had an outlet - had never met another affected family - she empowered those families and those little boys. She was only a little girl she is 17, a different 17 - confident, filled with character and appreciating life. She began to see our world through much different eyes - humbling and realistic. Material things really didn't matter much after that and she still dedicates much of her life on "giving" to others.

The JettRide changed her in leaps and bounds. Jordan was always wonderful, responsible - the oldest of five and the sister of "Jett". As she crossed the country on her bike, she learned about herself, she learned about endurance - she learned that she had POWER - her words, her actions and her inspiration COULD cause change. With every mile behind her - she became more confident in herself. Jordan educated others and inspired many, including me and Jett - and I thought I knew it all! Back in Boston, it was amazing to hear "my words" coming out of her - while she was doing a TV interview in Montana! At 14, she got mostly everything right - there were times when I had to bite my tongue, after all, this was JORDAN'S experience, not mine!
Imagine if we had 20 Jordan's on the next JettRide - Imagine the change a fully vested group of teens could cause. Now just imagine that daughter or son that would come home from trip...changed and fully loaded with inspiration for the cause, their communities, their families and themselves.

Stay tuned as I begin to share some of our stories from the 2007 JettRide with you!

Nothing is impossible - help us make change happen.


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Comment by Ofelia Marin on February 24, 2010 at 5:02pm
This is very inspiring. Thank you Christine!

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