I guess it was successful in the aspect that he tolerated the procedure and the anesthetic well. But when they went to get the kidney stone in his ureter (the tube between the kidney and the bladder) it wasn't there, it had migrated back up into the kidney. The Dr. went ahead and put the stent in and now we have to schedule the shockwave lithotripsy to break apart the stones in the kidney so that they can be passed. He is fairly comfortable right now and hasn't requested any pain meds. He is having to go to the bathroom more often like they said he would and that is hard on all of us since we have to help him up to a standing position so he can walk to the bathroom. He has to go back to see the Urologist in 2 weeks, get an x-ray so they can see where the stones are exactly and then they will schedule the other procedure(s). The hitch with the shockwave procedure is that he has a vagal nerve stimulator (similar to a pacemaker) to help with seizure control and it has to be turned off to avoid damaging the device, it just complicates the logistics of it all. The upside is that he doesn't have to go under general anesthesia for that procedure.

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