PPMD Response to the House Passage of the American Health Care Act

We may have lost the battle — but the war is far from over.

Some days are hard to make sense of. Today feels like one of those for many as we watched the House votes tally this afternoon.

This community knows better than most that our healthcare system needs repair and innovation. But the proposals that have been brought forward have not represented enhancements to healthcare access, quite the contrary. 

So this afternoon the House voted on – and passed – a version of the American Health Care Act (AHCA) that reflected elements of the original bill that had been introduced in March, as well as 4 subsequent amendments that been introduced between March and yesterday.

The AHCA as passed by the House today includes:

  • Phasing out enhanced funding for Medicaid expansions and implements either a block grant or per capita cap on Medicaid
  • Eliminating the taxes and tax increases wihin the ACA
  • Removing individual and employer mandate penalties
  • Allowing states to waive the ACA’s essential health benefits requirements
  • Imposing penalty on individuals who don’t maintain continuous health insurance coverage
  • Allowing insurers to raises premiums due to a medical condition. 

What we all must know tonight as we lay awake and try to understand what all of this means for each of our families is… this isn’t done. The bill will now move to the Senate. The Senate is already an uphill climb with Democrats deeply opposed to this legislation and both conservative and moderate Republicans in the Senate having expressed concerns about the legislation. 

So where does that leave us tonight?

Tonight we take a deep breath.

Because soon we will need your help as we start reaching out to Senators.

We will let the Senate know how this bill impact our community.

We will remind members that they should vote ‘no’ — and work towards a proposal that affords equal or better healthcare coverage for those within our community.

We will win the war.

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