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The holidays are an exciting time for our family—as I’m sure they are for yours. We’re grateful to be spending Christmas with our entire family. We take advantage of every holiday, every birthday, every special occasion to celebrate the strength of our family. And we never take for granted the time we have been given to be together.

Every year at this time, we especially wish that we could find a gift that would end Duchenne for our son John Owen and for every parents’ child in this incredible community. That’s why we were so excited to learn about the potential that epicatechin holds for every single person with Duchenne. We shared the information with the board of our foundation, John Owen’s Adventure, and they too are intrigued by this compound.

And that’s why we’re matching all gifts up to $43,000 between now and the end of the year. Please donate today so that your gift goes twice as far!

We’ve made incredible strides as a community, but if we’re going to find solutions for every single family, we can’t lose sight of the need for new research. With every early-stage research project PPMD supports, we get closer to the day that we finally end Duchenne.

Epicatechin is one of the more exciting early-stage research projects—and the reason we’re matching donations. We participated in the webinar last week and find epicatechin’s potential to help the entire Duchenne community particularly promising.

During last week’s webinar, Dr. George Schreiner of Cardero Therapeutics said, “This new class of therapeutics may benefit the muscle function of dystrophic patients regardless of age or gene mutation.” This means it could potentially benefit our entire community—no matter the age of our loved one or the type of Duchenne diagnosis they have.

It could help every single person with Duchenne. Let that sink in for a moment. We find that so inspiring.

And that’s why we’re matching your donation between now and the end of the year. PPMD is so close to hitting their fundraising goal. So give today to make sure your donation has twice the impact.

Thank you for everything you do as part of this powerful community. Our family and everyone at John Owen’s Adventure wishes you and yours a happy holiday season.


Tony & Jen Dumm, John Owen’s Dad & Mom

P.S. This community has meant so much to our family. When we learned about epicatechin’s potential to help every single young person with Duchenne we knew we had to help. Please donate now to be a part of this exciting early-stage research, and we’ll match your gift.

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