Planning an Event to promote research and awareness is very difficult, but worth it.

So, I have been thinking about the type of event that I would be interested in hosting. I kept racking my brain for months, I want an event that also promotes Family Time...Quality family time.

Then the other day, an idea hit me. We have a local amusement park that doesn't get as many daily visitors as when I was a child. So, I am getting all my event details worked out, before pitching the idea to the park management. I have started sending out emails to other local venues asking for their participation and the possibility of them donating a small gift package for our raffles. I feel that the more prizes we have to offer the longer people will stay at the event, the more money the will spend on food and games...and the more money to be donated to our cause. I am hoping to have a drawing atleast every hour or so.

I have been to the PPMD website and printed off the participation matters packet, I have contact Ryan Fischer via email as instructed to share my ideas. Currently, I am looking for volunteers to help be on the event committee. I have sent out emails to our college Marshall University to their press department asking for their help with our event.

I have racked my brain for the name of the event and have come up with: Riley's World and Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy United in the fight!....Please if you have a suggestion for a catchy name, don't hesitate to share it. Please keep in mind that I want to include Riley's World and PPMD in the title. I look forward to your suggestions!

Since we got the diagnoses for Riley, I have only heard of one other family in our community, so I am hoping that such an event would bring out other families and give us the opportunity to connect.

I have never held such an event and my nerves are I am not quite sure what all I am going to say to Camden Park officials, but I think that my heart will lead the way. Everyone needs to know the importance of funding research and awareness into DMD, for our sons and grandsons can't wait!!

Thanks for listening, Dreama

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