We have really been busy around our house in the last several months.


Our daughter, Leigha, 18, started college, 


Anthony turned 16 and loves video games


Travis 13, ran cross country and joined REC basketball


Brady 8, found his love of books and all things literary,


Wyatt 4, started pre-K and is working on all the skills to get ready for Kindergarten 


Baby Carter 23 months, started playing "living room" basketball and wants to try to use the potty.


We've made a lot of changes recently as you can see, but we try to remain a close family.  It's hard when the older ones are wanting some independance and the younger ones just want to be with the older ones. 


If I've learned anything from my life POST DMD diagnosis, is this.......


Every second, every minute, every teenage eye roll, every dirty diaper, every single thing that happens in my life is a gift and I will cherish even those things that test me the most.


There are days when I feel like Mother of the Year, but there are far more days, When I feel like there is no way I can make it though.  Raising Teens is like raising 5 year olds, they are just bigger then me now.


"Keep the faith" is what I have to say in this crazy thing called life. 


Here's some pictures of all my "babies"


                                                                  My beautiful daughter Leigha Nicole




                                 My two oldest sons Anthony Edward (on the left) and Travis Chandler


                                                My 3 "babies" enjoying some fun in the sun

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Comment by Wyatt's Mommy, Melissa on February 10, 2013 at 5:04pm

Thanks Brian, You said it perfectly.  Life (no matter what cards you are dealt) is short.  We need to enjoy every second.  We are going on vacation in a few weeks and I'm so excited to spend time with all 6 of them, in one place, eating dinner at the same time, etc.  They have friends, sports, job, school, etc, and it's hard to slow down to just like you said, listen to them play, so for 5 days we will have the phones off, the computers at home, the issues of day to day life on the back burner and just to be a family.

Comment by Brian Denger on February 10, 2013 at 3:59pm


There's no question that every aspect of your family's life becomes more precious after such a diagnosis.  In fact, being mindful of 'banking memories' is good advice for any family, although most aren't pushed into a position to learn this until something like a diagnosis of DMD occurs.  Even when families learn their child has DMD their attention may turn to balancing doctor's appointments and therapy as well as chasing the potential behind every research alert.    We don't mean for those hours spent turning over every stone reading about research and seeking therapy advice to interfere with attention to our families, but it does happen.  

Spending time with your children and engaging them in typical childhood and family activities is so important. I hear many parents ask where time has gone as their sons and daughters go to college and leave home.  Families living with DMD can experience these same regrets. We need to constantly remind ourselves that, for all, life is short and it is best to focus on those we love with at least the same fervor we spend on these other concerns.  Sure, time spent at clinic and scanning the web are important parts of our lives; so is reading a story to our children,  visiting extended family, going to see a movie with them and just listening to them while they play.  It's all about finding balance.

I wish you and your family the best.


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