I raise orchids but I am not a serious gardener, nor do I have a green thumb. Nothing of the sort. I am a rookie when it comes to gardening, maybe not even that. I raise orchids for one simple reason. I need to wake up and see flowers blooming. It makes the day start off right. And with orchids, if you play your cards right and have a few varieties, you will find something in bloom every day of the year. There is something special about seeing a flower the moment you open your eyes, even when the trees are covered with ice and the sun goes down at 5pm or when you are worried and every day feels like Monday.

And to be honest, orchids have some interesting qualities. They need very little to sustain them, a little water here and there and bright sun light. Their root system is fairly complex, very deep, and very superficial as well, roots lifting out of the pot seeking other opportunities for growth. The orchid’s branches have to be strong as well– strong enough to provide nourishment for all their blooms and strong enough to carry the weight of the flowers. The flowers are showy, arrogant in a way. I always wonder if that burst of color is designed to mask their vulnerability.

Like all of us, we grow strong under the weight of the diagnosis of Duchenne. We might lean, but ultimately, we learn to stand on our own. We stand up straight, reach out beyond ourselves, act fearless- all the time hiding our own vulnerability. Our roots are strong in the community, but cannot be contained as we look outside ourselves and our community to create awareness, to incentivize industry, to invest in research, to develop models for care, to fundraise – to do whatever it takes to endDuchenne.

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phalaenopsis in my kitchen window

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