November 24: FDA Advisory Committee Meeting for Drisapersen - Live Webcast Information

Tomorrow, November 24, 2015, is a historic day for the Duchenne community as we enter into our first Advisory Committee Meeting with the FDA. While some of you may be attending in person or even participating, we know that many of you are curious as to how the process will unfold throughout the day. 

Watch a live stream of tomorrow's Ad Comm

The Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) plans to provide a free of charge, live webcast of the meeting. Please note that the webcast will not display until the meeting begins at approximately 8:00 a.m. EST on November 24, 2015. While CDER is working to make webcasts available to the public for all advisory committee meetings held at the White Oak campus, there are instances where the webcast transmission is not successful; staff will work to re-establish the transmission as soon as possible. CDER plans to post archived webcasts after the meeting, however, in cases where transmission was not successful, archived webcasts will not be available.

The meeting webcast can be accessed at the following web addresses: * 

*NEW LINK. CDER has provided a new webcast link with additional capacity. If you have trouble accessing the webcast via one link, please try the other option. 

At the access page, please sign in as a guest. No password is required.

For more information regarding the live webcast, view the FDA's official notice

A draft agenda for the meeting can also be accessed on the FDA website: 

Draft Agenda for the November 24, 2015 Meeting (PDF)

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Make sure to follow @ParentProjectMD on Twitter, using the hashtag #DuchenneApprovals. PPMD’s SVP of Clinical Care, Kathi Kinnett, will be providing regular live updates.

Learn more

For more information about the FDA Ad Comms, please visit the links and resources that we at PPMD have compiled over the past few months with the assistance of our community members, regulatory advisors, and federal agency partners:

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