My BRAVE Story: We are waiting for a miracle

Dear Sir, ,  My son Aeden is five years old...he is a beautiful child,funny,and full of life. Unfortunatly he had be effected by  this horrible disease.  He was diagnosed with DMD almost 3 years ago.  He has the mutation of exon 51.  Aeden cannot run or jump and often is lying on the floor playing because he becomes tierd.  He climbs into his bed by flopping his chest onto it and then struggles to pull himself onto it completely.  Although Aeden knows how to dress himself, I often need to lift him and dress him.  He is learning to write but he often becomes weak. About 5 months ago he began taking steroids  which help but temporay it seems.  I still use a stroller for him because he often becomes tired .  He will now begin to get fitted for his first wheelchair (because he has outgrown the stroller).  DMD is a progressive disease....I never believed it would move this rapidly. I currently dont have any other options.  I understand there are many trials but they dont seem easy to participatein.  As a single working mom, I have received not federal assisstance.   If this disease progresses as quickly as it has I will need to adjust my whole life, work, living to accomodate him.   We are waiting for a miracle......but the FDA has the power to help.  We need your help now.  I will do whatever I can to save my son and all those that suffer from this.  What does the FDA need to help us move forward?

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