Muscular Dystrophy Organization Nepal

Muscular Dystrophy Organization Nepal

Banepa  Kavre

Muscular Dystrophy Organization Nepal is dedicated for the rehabilitation approach for the muscular dystrophy adults, children to provide them 24 hours caring services, to provide them food, clothes, medicines, physiotherapy, regular health check- up, skill development programs like paintings, computers, a lots of skills programs, educate parents ,communities about the disease with the associate with the international donors agencies. 



Considering the above matters MD Organization has been established to rehabilitate the children suffering from Duchenne and Becker Muscular Dystrophy to provide them good quality of life as long as they live in the world..It is one kind of social Organization which provides the services for DMD and BMD children.60% of the total members are selected from communities victimized groups and 40% come from experts, physician, social workers and physiotherapists.



Currently MD childrens from Banepa,Panauti & Dhulikhel towns and it surroundings in Kavre District in Nepal, physically challenged from  Muscular Dystrophy terrible disease from poor family are targeted. We are keen to  open sub-centers  in different parts of the Nation to ease regular services for MD if programmed get success. Now we have contact more than 20 patients in Kavre Nepal.



 Our vision is to educate the MD patients, Parents and communities about terrible Muscular Dystrophy disease in Nepal. To let know about the promising trials and lots of research in the world wide, increased their ability of various trainings like English language class, computers training, art trainings etc. Support  parents income programs like teaching them sewing, handy-craft  trainings, etc. To live happy and joyful life every humans deserves. So to conserve humanities and make challenged peoples happy in life is the holiest things in the world.



To provide quality of life to Muscular Dystrophy patients in outskirts of the capital city in Banepa, Panauti & Dhulikhel towns and its surroundings in Kavre district Nepal  as long as we are able to work. Muscular Dystrophy patients r deprived of their daily basic needs like food, clothes, medicines, entertainments, physiotherapy, regular health check-up, awareness programs, computers, English language classes in order to teach them real world, skills like paintings and drawings, medical care, medical stuffs etc at one roofs as well as in the communities level. So that they may never feel burden in this world.



1.To conduct to develop intellectual skills of the children suffering from DMD and BMD.

2.To emphasize games and exercises.

3.To provide necessary physiotherapy services in order to keep the body as strong as possible.

4. To provide services and facilities so that they can live their lives to their full potential.

5.To provide regular health check up, treatment to MD children, to provide health information and advice to the affected families.

6.To establish co-operation with national and international organization related to the health services and MD disease.

7. To conduct public awareness programmed related to MD disease.

8.To provide handy-craft training and support parent's income generation.

9.To provide the skill training programmed of painting to victimized person of BMD&DMD.



The following activities will be held in order to achieve goals above;

1.Education with running curriculum be given.

2.Skill oriented programmed, such as computers and other practical education along wit harts, crafts, paintings, games ,etc. will be given.

3. Awareness programmed will be held by publishing and interaction programmed about BMD &DMD disease in the public, parents and professionals.

4.Establishing a 'Center Service, Home Based Service' and Sub-Services in various parts of Nepal.

5.To support gene test.

6.To support of medicine, physical equipment and physiotherapy will be provided to maintain the physical strengthen to MD patients.

7.Vocational training programmed for parents and family members will be given in order to develop skills and confidence.


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