so, it seems we, as a DMD family have reached another milestone. on our recent trip to cinci dr. cripe discovered that both boys have new heart issues, austin has scar tissue, and max has one enlarged ventricle ( i hope i have that right...) so they are both on ace inhibitors. that was no surprise really, i knew it was coming, i was aware of the drugs, but it still made my heart drop when i heard. during my meeting with dr. wong we discussed the other milestones of the year, it was so like the well child visits i have with my 19 month old, only more depressing. "when did he stop being able to get up off the floor, stop doing stairs, start using his scooter indoors...?" i have this mental list, it starts at toe walking and ends with, well, i dont need to say what it ends with, we all know. somewhere on this list is a whole new catagory, heart issues. and in the blink of an i we checked off that box, and i cant help but look ahead. whats next? cough assist? sleep apnea? spine problems? im not ready. growing up for these boys is such a double edged sword, i want to enjoy it, but i cant help but dread each year going by. we did have good news, their bones are great.... that has to be enough for now

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