I haven't really been on here for a long time. We were without a computer for over a month--from Thanksgiving until New Years. My hubby had a couple of business trips and just couldn't get to it. Then Jon was diagnosed with kidney stones. He has 3 stones -- two in his right kidney that are about 1.1 and 1.3 cm (that's about 1/2 inch each) and he has a 1.9cm (that's 3/4 inches) in his ureter, the tube from his kidney to his bladder. He was scheduled to have surgery to break up the one in his ureter but the anesthesiologist called it off, she wasn't comfortable doing the surgery in the middle of the day when the lines could be contaminated with an anesthetic that could cause a bad reaction. We are waiting to reschedule. They are hoping to use lithotripsy (sp?) to break up the two in his kidney, but since he has a vagal nerve stimulator for seizures we will have to see about that procedure. We also had an appointment to start looking at a full power chair, he uses a manual with power assist right now. That means a 'new' car too. When will it stop?

On top of that Jon just turned 18 and we started the paperwork for Power of Attorney for him -- both medical and financial. I think that was the hardest of all the things. It is not supposed to be this way. But it is. Life goes on and we have to find a way to stay strong and not lose hope.

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