Yesterday Jonathan had his remaining kidney stones 'blasted' by lithotripsy. It was successful, the Dr. said the stone was 'blasted' to dust. He is having no trouble so far passing the broken up stone. We go for another x-ray and to see the urologist in 2 weeks. If everything is clear they will make the arrangements to remove the stent in his right ureter. I hope they can figure out what caused him to form these stones so we can prevent having to go through this again. Two of his seizure meds list kidney stones as possible side effects, but the urologist kind of discounted this as the cause. His neurologist has weaned him off one of those meds (Topamax) and is working on weaning him off the other one (Zonegran). This will leave him on just one seizure med (Keppra) which along with his Vagal Nerve Stimulator will hopefully keep him seizure free. It has been a little over two years since he had a seizure and I would like it to stay that way.

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