Well, a couple days ago we put in an order for Lucas' first wheelchair. As the provider said - "and so now the fight begins" when referring to the insurance companies.

Lucas has been getting around in one of three ways: 1) medical stroller being pushed, 2) scooting around in his walker, 3) or me carrying him to his ultimate destination. The walker which he was primarily using was the kind with the seat and wheels. The seat was starting to give out so I put some aluminum angle iron under the seat for some more support. Seems to fix the sagging problem.

He picked out an Invacare Spree pediatric chair - green of course. Hopefully we will have good luck with it.

Now the wait for the process to actually get the chair. Is it normal to wait a few months for the process to complete?


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Comment by jenn on November 13, 2010 at 1:27pm
a few months is normal, it took almost 6 for our chair to get approved
Comment by Janine on November 13, 2010 at 12:03pm
It took us about a year to get my son's power chair. It was the first chair to go through our insurance. The length of time it takes depends on what programs he may be on, such as medicaid. Our private insurance approved it straight away, it was medicaid that was the problem. It was denied several times for various different reasons. One time they actually said that a claim was received but there was nothing in the envelope. You have to re-apply and go through the process all over again. Each time took 2-3 months. It is easier if you are only dealing with your private insurance. They are fairly straight forward as to what they will and will not cover. Your vendor is a good resource as to how long it may take.

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