Dalton got his power chair back around christmas and although we are happy we got it we were not so thrilled that Tricare wouldnt help us get a lift and because of that Dalton could only go to school because we had no way to carry his chair and his legs would give out. Well Im happy today because about a month ago I started calling around and writting letters and praying as hard as I think one person could and after fighting tooth and nail Tri care finally gave up and said they would pay for it.
yay Friday it was installed and Saturday we spent the day at the mall .
Dalton was so thrilled to be able to go somewhere and have a little fun , so all of you who were praying for us I want to say Thankyou youre prayers and mine were answered and now Dalton can enjoy life to the fullest!!!

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Comment by MicahsDaddy on May 26, 2009 at 1:09am
Hey Lisa,

Be careful who you call your "MDA friends"...lol ;-)

I am glad to hear you got the lift...pretty sweet. Sucks we have to fight for what we need, but we pretty much have to do that for everything. Eventually, after much persistency, we usually get what we want. I bet they are told to tell us no and hope we just go away But if we dont go away, then they say yes. Who knows...

Anyway, talk to you soon,

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