how old were your kids when put in a wheelchair

I know i have heard from a few parents that say there kids were not reliant on a chair until like age 13-16. Well my son is 8 and he has lost almost all hip muscles and is now using a manual chair and a walker. When using the walker he is still falling and sometimes he loses his balance and falls out of his chair as well. Im just curious as to how old your kids are in chairs and what u did to stop the progression.

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Comment by danielle on February 20, 2014 at 10:14am
My son did the steroids but he to has been in the more aggressive group he is almost 9 and in a manual chair most of the time now. He was using a walker but his legs were giving out under hm
Comment by Lisa Byrd on February 20, 2014 at 9:25am


My son was in a manual wheelchair at the age of 8.  He had plenty of muscle but had just lost his balance.  We felt the risk of fractures and falls with the loss of balance was just too great.  We opted for a manual chair at that time because he was still very impulsive, and we didn't feel that putting a motor under him was a good idea.  Now at 10 1/2, we decided it was time for a power chair.  He will be going to middle school next year and a greater degree of independence for mobility will be needed at school.  He has a one-on-one worker at school, but he is getting so big from the steroids that he is kind of hard to push.  He got his power chair right after Christmas, and I must say it has been the best thing for him and us.  He is now a lot more independent when we go shopping or at school.  He is learning "the rules of the road", but absolutely loves the speed factor.  Having never really run as a child, this is the first true sense of going fast that he has had.  I think the timing of the change over from manual to power was just perfect and was the best thing we did for all of us.  Just trust your instincts and you will know when the timing is right for all transitions. 

Comment by Jennifer Hale on February 20, 2014 at 6:46am
Hi, my son is 15. He used a manual wheelchair for long distances (I would push him) starting at age 9. He became completely wheelchair dependent at 10.5 yrs. He transitioned to a power chair by age 11.5.

My son could not tolerate steroids so he may always be in the more aggressive progression group.

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