Help Cure Muscular Dystrophy Phase II Launched on the World Community Grid

The long awaited Phase II Research Project for Help Cure Muscular Dystrophy Phase II on World Community Grid began distributing Work Units this morning 5/12/09. I have been waiting anxiously for this launch for months and am very excited that it has finally gone live. I have already tasked my 5 computers, including the powerful machine running 8 simultaneous Research processes, to now only run HCMD2 research until this project completes.

Here is the link to the WCG Research page (official announce apparently set for 13th for additional media):

World Community Grid and researchers supported by Decrypthon, a partnership between AFM (French Muscular Dystrophy Association), CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research), Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, ENS Lyon, Université Paris XI, Bordeaux 1, Lille 1 and IBM are investigating protein-protein interactions for more than 2,200 proteins whose structures are known, with particular focus on those proteins that play a role in neuromuscular diseases. The database of information produced will help researchers design molecules to inhibit or enhance binding of particular macromolecules, hopefully leading to better treatments for muscular dystrophy and other neuromuscular diseases.

The total project is estimated to take 1 year 9 months at similar contribution rates as Phase I project. That is 458 Centuries of compute time, so we NEED your help!!!

I have created a team out there that anybody can join. It is very appropriately named "He's My Son" and is now up to 44 members strong and cranking out some serious results across the spectrum. We are now contributing 1 CPU year every 10 days!!!

PLEASE checkout the World Community Grid and consider joining at:

If you wish to, you can join my "He's My Son" team after signing up with WCG by following this link:

If you have questions or would like assistance setting up, please let me know!

My e-mail contact information is:


IBM is the primary corporate sponsor of the World Community Grid. While I do work for IBM, I do not speak on behalf of IBM. My WCG notifications and the team I have created are solely part of my personal efforts on behalf of my 6 year old son Eric, and by extension all others affected by Muscular Dystrophy.

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Comment by Douglas Sanchez on May 12, 2009 at 1:55pm
Hello. The WCG runs as a lower priority background process and defers CPU to "your" processes when they increase, it decreases. It's goal is to fully utilize the CPU up to the percentage that you allow it to run. On a normal basis this should not be noticeable, but certainly could be if you were running high intensity computer games or photo/video editing type software (basically resource demanding applications).

The defaults are to run no more than 60% of CPU time, 50% of memory when in use (75% when not), contact the network only when doing uploads/downloads, and only a portion of available disk space. Multi-procssor systems may require some tweaking on these settings. If your system has very low real memory then it may be a bottleneck that cannot be overcome without adding memory.

I would be more than happy to work through this, but should probably try via IM chat, e-mail or phone. If you would like to give it a shot you can e-mail me at and we can figure out how to proceed. That is probably best so I don't bother PPMD forum members any further than I have already. I am the father of a Duchenne's boy and an advocate for cure, but don't want to annoy other parents with stuff they would rather not read.
Comment by Jacobs Mommom on May 12, 2009 at 1:11pm
Hi Douglas:

I have a question for you. I had joined the World Community Grid on my home computer. When I went to do work on it, it was running verrrry slow. I was afraid that it was because of the WCG so I cancelled my membership. Is there anything I can do to stop that from happening if I rejoin.

I'm pretty decent when it comes to working with computers but I have no idea on the workings of them?

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