It’s summer – finally! Growing children are hungry children, and hungry children don’t usually go for the healthy snacks first.

As parents, we try everything we can to get them to eat right: reasoning (this sometimes works), bribery (generally referred to as “creative parenting”) and sneaking nutrients into the foods they love (referred to as, well, just being sneaky J). We all have tricks and we would love to hear some of yours! Send us your recipes for yummy, healthy snacks, and we will share them with everyone (comment below or email

Remember we are trying to make kids, parents and nutritionists happy, so keep those recipes low in sugar and high in protein, vitamins, calcium and vitamin D. For more information, visit the GI and nutrition page on the PPMD website.

If there’s one thing that summer and Duchenne have in common, it’s water!

And I’m talking about water inside and out. Very few people drink as much water as they need in a day, and people living with Duchenne are no exception. Remember, if you are thirsty, then you are already dehydrated. Preventing dehydration helps prevent headaches, feeling tired and many gastrointestinal and genitourinary problems. So keep that water going in, and coming out!


What do aquatic physiotherapy, active aqua exercise and swimming all have in common?

A pool!! Being in a pool is the best exercise and activity for anyone living with Duchenne at any age. It is non-weight bearing so it doesn’t put stress and tension on muscles and tendons; it’s a low load exercise, which eliminates gravity, so movement can be free and weightless and thoroughly enjoyable. For more information on the benefits of all therapy, including aqua therapy, visit the PPMD website.


In summary

  • Send us some recipes for healthy snacks
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Swim as much as possible :)


Here’s to a happy, healthy summer!!

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