When trying to eat right to lose weight or training for one of the many RFOS events trying to figure out the proper ratio of proteins, carbs., and fats can be a confusing blob of conflicting information.

 Proteins, carbohydrates, and fats are macro nutrients they are each essential for us as humans to live.

 I feel like talking about fat today so that what I am going to do. There are two main types saturated (generally considered bad) and unsaturated fat.

 Generally in ones diet you want your daily fat intake to be about20-35% of it to be fat. That's a large range I know but it really depends on ones goals. When I was training for the Goofy at WDW my fat intake was about 30% fat depending on where I was in my training cycle. Right now I am at about 20%.

 So what fat is better to eat than others. First off any fat that comes from a plant is an unsaturated fat and your body really likes this type of fat. Olives, nuts, avocados, and unprocessed coconut oil are all terrific sources. Flax seeds are loaded in essential fats but you MUST use ground flax seed or flax seed oil because we cannot process a whole flax seed.

 Are you an egg white person? I used to be myself up until a couple of years ago when i read some newer research that showed how beneficial the yolks were. Do not fear the yolk unless of course you have other medical issues going on that is.

 Saturated fat is harmful because its sticky and when we continually eat an excess of it the fat binds together and starts building up and clogging our veins and arteries leading to stents, bypasses, or worse.

 The leaner the meat the less the saturated fat content the better it is. One thing to look for is grass fed beef. The saturated fat content in grass fed is lower than in corn fed beef and also the protein, and nutrient content is higher in grass fed than in corn fed so even though it might cost a little more to buy grass over corn the quality and content is much higher so your actually getting a better buy.

 Trans fats.......so, so bad but why? Trans fats and fats infused with hydrogen so that they last longer, they don't spoil as fast so they can travel longer and can sit on the shelves much longer. The problem with them is that the body has no real use for them. The body can't breakdown and use a trans fat and if it gets a lot of them it will store them as excess body fat. Body fat that once its there adds no value and really doesn't want to leave. So eliminate or severely limit your trans fat intake. Basically any processed product that you buy in the store has trans fats in it. This is a good lead in to surviving the supermarket.

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