Every Thanksgiving, I find myself with a lot to be thankful for: my family’s love and support, our Duchenne community, and your tireless efforts.

This year is no exception. We’ve accomplished so much together. When I think of all that our community has made possible over the years, all that we’ve done in 2012, and all that we’re doing today, my heart fills with appreciation and gratitude for each and every one of you—for your passion and commitment.

More often than not, the difference between the impossible and the possible is sheer determination. That’s especially true for our community.

Through our hard work and dedication, we’re finally seeing all the moments we never thought we would see. Our sons are walking longer than ever before, they’re graduating from college, they’re getting married, and they’re starting careers and families of their own.

And we’re still going. In 2012 alone, we’ve seen a number of unbelievable achievements. We’ve expanded our partnership with the FDA, holding two important meetings in 2012 to help provide them with the information about Duchenne that they need—about both the disease and the community—to exercise flexibility in the review process. We’ve seen not only a record number of clinical trials but also trials that are showing signs of efficacy and moving forward in the drug approval process. And we have built an unprecedented network of experts in research, drug development, regulatory compliance, and advocacy that are dedicated to helping us achieve our research goals.

Behind this amazing progress are the families and friends like you who roll up your sleeves and do anything and everything you can for people with Duchenne. There are so many ways that we can make a difference for the Duchenne community: from taking part in our advocacy efforts to completing surveys and connecting with others through our FACES groups. And it’s been the combination of all those actions that has gotten us this far.

I know that we can go even further. That’s why I’m asking you—and every member of our wonderful, dedicated community—to join me in a resolution. None of us can do everything, but we can all do something. So pledge to do something in 2013, one small action that will make even more incredible things possible.

Years from now when we look back, I know that we’ll always consider 2012 a year of significant achievements. And with your continued commitment to this community and PPMD’s work, we’ll have even more to be proud of in 2013.

Enjoy a bountiful and healthy Thanksgiving, and thank you for being part of the PPMD family!

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Comment by Pat Furlong on December 2, 2012 at 10:44pm

Amit,  Sadly we do not have the statistics about college or marriage.  Clearly today, my guess is that there are a growning number of young men in and/or graduating from College.    As you might imagine the # of people with Duchenne marrying is very small and my guess <5%.    I know it is small at the moment, but it is changing, thankfully.   Warm regards, pat

Comment by amit gupta on November 30, 2012 at 10:13am

Hi Pat,

 they’re graduating from college, they’re getting married, and they’re starting careers and families of their own.

What % of Duchenne boys are in this category?




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