Flying Solo a new novel by Jeanette Vaughan

Hello everyone!   I wish I could say that I had written a wonderful book like Mary Lou Weisman's Intensive Care.   However I did right a good one!    Flying Solo is the first in a series of books which will wind up telling the story of my own journey coping and battling Duchenne's.   


This first part of the story however, FLYING SOLO, is about a very courgeous, independent woman, Nora.   Nora is a 1960s suburban catholic housewife from New Orleans.   On a whim, she learns to fly a plane.   When life becomes turbulent, she resorts to stealing that plane to get her children back.   It is quite a ride!    


I wrote this book to raise funds to get medical equipment for my son, Harrison with Duchenne's.   Right now, we drive an unairconditioned wheelchair access van in Texas!  It is almost summer!  I hope you will buy this book!    So far, we have sold 71 copies.   Thanks to good bloggers and facebook friends.   


FLYING SOLO is based on a true story.   Come follow the journey of this woman!   She will challenge and inspire you. 


All the best for happy reading! 

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