I attended the PPMD Annual Connect Conference earlier this month.  Each year I always try to come away with something concrete  This year I found the session entitled Herself First very helpful and informative. It was of course geared toward Mom's caring for Duchenne guys.  However, I think women in general need to be able to concentrate on themselves.  Women in general are usally taking care of everyone one their families and neglect themselves.  One of the points from this workshop that really resonated with me was Finding my Gayle.  You may ask what that is.  I was speaking with a friend of mine who doesn't keep up with people in entertainment.  She thought I meant a Gale storm.  I explained to her that the reference was the relationship that Oprah Winfrey has with her best friend Gayle King.


The below was posted on HerSelf First website under the one minute wellness section.  As I thought about finding my Gayle, or if I could name my personal Gayle.  I realized that at this point in time, I didn't have one. In high school I had a few Gayles that I could always call upon.  In college I had a Gayle that helped me through the tough times.  When I lived in DC I had a couple of people that I could have called my Gayle's.  I also I had two Gayles when I worked at Kodak through times of my sons diagnosis.  I left Kodak in 2003 and for a couple of years we remained in contact, we still remain in contact but do to my working in Buffalo and my friends new jobs we really don't spend a lot of time together  The person I refer to as my Gayle will ask me how Jon is doing and how my daughter is Kat is doing.  However, we both enjoy art, theater, and interesting exhibits. Things both our husbands would not find entertaining or interesting.  I have always enjoyed doing these things and really enjoy not thinking about the Duchenne world for a little while.  I hope all my female friends will enjoy the article below and will find time to "Find your Gayle",  and visit the HerSelf First website.  I think you may find this website helpful whether or not you have child with debilitating disease.  I think as women, we all need to "Get Our Gayle".


Got Your Gayle?


Monday, June 20, 2011


For twenty-five years viewers turned in to The Oprah Winfrey Show for information, enlightenment, and often, fun. Many times that fun came in the form of Oprah’s bestest gal pal, Gayle King. Whether road tripping across the United States with little sleep and too much bedhead or literally climbing to new heights in their fantastic Australian adventure, Oprah and Gayle have done it all and most importantly have seen each other through it all.


Every woman needs their own “Gayle:” that go-to girl who will see you through the highs, lows, and everything in between, no questions asked. The bonds that women form with one another are unique and can be especially important when immersed in the role of primary caregiver. Ironically, individual wellbeing often depends on the connections we form with others.


Take a minute right now and go over this checklist:


1.Whose your Gayle?


2. How often do you talk or see each other? What types of things do you do or talk about and how does that make you feel?


3.When was the last time you asked for help in order to make time for yourself?


4.Can you name three other people you call on for support?


5.What are three things you can ask for from someone else that will help alleviate stress or make space for you to focus on yourself?

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