At the heart of PPMD’s mission lies our unwavering commitment to seek out, fund, and nurture the most promising Duchenne research – more specifically, therapies with the potential to help every single diagnosis.

Your sustaining gift to PPMD will help us continue to take a comprehensive look at the path a treatment takes to reach the patient and to support therapies with the most potential. Will you consider a regular, monthly gift to PPMD today?

"The development of treatments for Duchenne and Becker in the past few years is a real Cinderella story – a story in which PPMD has played a role from the very beginning. What we are seeing is nothing short of miraculous! But we haven't scored, not yet. We're in the red zone. Full set of downs. Looking good. It's time to go in for a touchdown! I say we hand the ball off to PPMD. We will be in good hands!"
—Buddy Cassidy, PPMD Adult Advisory Committee Member

PPMD’s strategy has always been to move potential therapies for every single person forward. Through the years, PPMD has funded over $50 million in direct research grants, and helped leverage over $600 million more to advance all research strategies in the Duchenne pipeline.

And not only are we rigorously vetting and supporting potential treatments, we are providing you with tools like DuchenneConnect and Decode Duchenne so that you know what clinical trials are best suited for you and your family. Free of charge, these resources help you navigate the incredibly complicated clinical trial odyssey by providing genetic testing, interpretation, and most importantly perhaps, counseling.

Please consider making a sustaining, monthly gift so that PPMD can continue to make educated and aggressive investments in every single therapy. Your gift of $30 a month helps sustain PPMD’s innovative approach to research, every single day.

Nothing about Duchenne is easy. But PPMD exists so that families like yours don’t have to travel this road alone.

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