Tomorrow, we will head to the polls to choose who will lead our nation for the next four years.

While many of us – particularly those of you who live in key "swing" states that will likely determine the outcome of the election – may be tired of the unceasing television commercials, robocalls and mailers, it's important to recognize that regardless of who is elected, creating relationships with members of the House, Senate, and White House Administration, all the way to the President, is important for the Duchenne community.

A number of PPMD advocates have developed valuable relationships with elected officials that began or developed during campaigns. These relationships can translate to support and even leadership on behalf of our core agenda – a commitment to Duchenne and other biomedical research, a faster and more responsive FDA, and a robust system for improving quality of care and, as a result, quality of life for our boys.

If that candidate ends up being elected or re-elected, you should follow-up with their office early in the New Year once the new Congressional session begins to remind them of your conversation, to build a relationship with the appropriate staff member, and to move the member into a supporter or champion. We will need their help in February when we storm the hill to reauthorize the MD CARE Act.

It's important to keep in mind that the Duchenne community relies on both Republicans and Democrats to advance our agenda and those members of both parties are responsible for getting us to where we are today.

Ultimately, the most important advocacy is that of engaging and building relationships with members of Congress outside of the campaign process. It's that advocacy that has brought us to where we are today:

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Ryan Fischer, Director of Outreach & Advocacy
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