Disney Marathon and Hope: This is what takes us dreamers to the other side of the shore.

It's nearly 3 weeks since the Disney marathon. Funny how time slips away. For me, Disney and all of the memories keep me going from year to year. I realize I am not a 'REAL" runner. No one would look at me and think 'athlete'. Never. "Hitting my stride" actually means the ability to walk and breathe at the same time! But there is something deep down inside that makes me smile whenever I silently say "I ran the 1/2". I turn the words over and over in my head, wondering what ever possessed me to think I could complete 13.1 miles. The reason was crystal clear and the hope that I could finish carried me through.

This marathon is amazing from start to finish.
The place, the families, the marathon(s).
Of course, there is no argument about the place. Magical. Expensive for parents!! but absolutely magical for kids. And unlike the conference, this event is centered on our sons and today.
As I walked around, I kept thinking - I wonder if Walt Disney had any idea how his dream could grow. I am certain it is well beyond his dreams. I know the same will be true of the PPMD family. Our work, our community will do something for our sons... well beyond our dreams.
The families, the runners. This was my second year for participating in the 1/2 marathon. To be honest, just saying I was running (ok, walking fast) a marathon is funny. In my dreams, I had never, ever thought about running marathons, but the funny thing is that I love it and everything about it. From getting up at that ungodly hour of 4 AM to board the bus... from lining up with the runners and thinking how very athletic they all looked compared to me... to hearing the start signal and crossing that first 1 mile marker and that locating that place inside that believes crossing the finish line is possible... and best of all, knowing every runner is running because of something they are passionate about. Now that IS something. And the Victory party - watching our children dance and dancing with them. Magical.
Marathons. I am blown away by marathon runners. 26.2 miles might take me an eternity and the Goofy... well, there is not enough diet coke in the world to convince me on that one... but I find the 1/2 possible, dare I say -now the experienced :-) runner, even fun. I'm working myself up to the full.... that may take some time.
Join me next year??

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Comment by Paul Johnson on January 29, 2009 at 4:28pm
Go to this website:

Here is a 12 week trianing schedule to get you from not walking regularly to walking a half marathon... he also has other training routines for different distances and your experience...

Comment by Pat Furlong on January 29, 2009 at 11:37am
in the spring/summer i started walking. 1 mi. at first, then up to 3. i found walking a good time to think/pray/imagine. i kept walking and occasionally walked up to 5 mi. i do a fast walk -13 min. mile. the energy of the group will carry you though.
Comment by Dina on January 29, 2009 at 8:27am
What did you do to get ready for the run? I am scared that I wouldn't be able to finish. I know in my heart I could do it but I don't know the steps involved.
Hopefully next year I will see you all.

Comment by Pat Furlong on January 29, 2009 at 7:52am
The diagnosis of Duchenne adds considerable weight, sometimes it is physical as we carry our sons and always the emotional 'weight' of worry. I'll help you carry it as we run/walk together
Comment by Kulwant Pannu on January 29, 2009 at 1:00am
My son is 2 1/2 and 35lbs. He tires easily and as a result I carry him whenever he asks. My knees and hips are now extensivaly sore. I feel that I have aged years in just a few short months since our diagnosis. However I know that in order to take care of my son I need to be in shape. I will get in shape and be at the next marathon, for my son's sake. My health will take priority because as a result my son will benefit. And this is a promise I make to myself. And in return I will join you next year at the marathon!!!

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