Desperate for help...School system has finally won because I am exhausted! IEP to homeschool???

Lane is 11 and in the 5th grade he has IQ scores from low to extremely low. Number wise he has a few that are right at 70 but others as low as 36. I have fought since 1st grade to get the school to acknowledge how behind he was. But they always insisted all was ok because he was making progress on goals etc. Finally couple years ago was clued in and started working with a state advocate. She pointed out quickly he was meeting goals because they where vague and nothing specific to make them measurable. So his IEP for 4th grade was at least some better. Now here we are in 5th and with little to no previous exposure in Social Studies (used for resource time) he is in a reg class because Social Studies is on the 5th grade state testing. They send him home with homework regarding longitude/latitude when he doesn't even understand North South East West other than maybe the North Pole! As expected he hates school every morning is a fight every afternoon with homework is a fight! I am so exhausted with it all. I would think an 11 yr old who still doesn't comprehend months/days can count money reads at a 3rd grade level and is basically lost with all the basics. So his dad (my ex) finally agrees we need to at least give homeschool a shot. I feel like school is so miserable for him and he acts out all the time. I want to be able to enjoy him..I want him to feel successful.


So I have been told we can hit legal issues since he has IEP. I dont work so I hardly have the funds to join the legal websites etc.


Anybody with experience suggestions etc would be a blessing! I feel as though I am clinging to one tiny thread!

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Comment by Grace Marks on December 29, 2011 at 10:14pm

Hi, I am Aspen. We had our 9 yr old tested at the Children's Hospital, a 6yr neuropsych exam, (thanks to Medicaid). We found him to have a language disability, and a few other things. I do know that math can be challenging for some DMD boys. Because of these test we now can understand more how to have our son taught. Before this test, we pulled our son out of public school and homeschooled through a virtual academy. One thing we found was that the B&M (brick and mortar) school that my son is at right now is about a yr behind the expectations of the virtual academy we had. (Hopefully that's not the case all over the states...).  Homeschooling with certain curriculums can be tiring. I do have friends who "un-school" their kids, and the parents seem to have the 'right' personality to be motivated. For myself, as of this moment, I'm not too patient with my boys, so I look forward to having space from them. I feel for you and your family. It sounds like the school you are dealing with don't want to admit that they are not doing so good by your son. I think you need to buckle down for a firm stance and calmly but firmly demand solutions from the school system. You pay taxes to this, they should show results! Good Luck, breathe deep, hang in there!   

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