Last December when I was training for the 2012 Goofy run at WDW I participated in a 25k trail race. This was supposed to be the last big training event and then I would begin tapering for WDW.

 I love trail running, I hit the trails every chance I get and this race was taking place right where I run every week so I was excited to really do well. We all lined up and away we went looping around a small lake before we hit the trails. Ah the trails, my home away from home. This is where I am going to really shine oh wait whats that I just stepped into a puddle that was deeper than I thought and now my foot feels like its on fire great. I had to slow way down to assess if i could even continue, I could and I did and eventually the pain went away and i felt great.

 As I was looping back to the finish with only a few miles left I did it again, same foot, another deep hole worse crunch. This time I yelped but I knew I could finish so I pressed on and crossed the finish line slower than I had wanted but who cares I never did this before so it was a personal best!

 I took some time off ran at WDW, had a blast, and only felt some slight discomfort but after running 39.3 miles that's no big deal. In my mind the foot was all better and in the past. I began training for some spring events and in doing so I started doing some night time trail runs. These were a blast, you wore a headlamp and had to really focus on what you were doing. I loved them and I did a final one three days before a local 10K. Here we go again, a simple run leads to a misstep and wham I saw stars. The foot was hurting. I wnet home and iced it but it really hurt and on race day I wrapped it but a mile in I knew to stop. I was in pain and it made no sense to continue.

 I spent a month with my foot in a boot, no running, and I did as I was told. I got the all clear and I slowly started running again. A little here and there and i felt great. the month off helped all the nagging little things unrelated to my foot heal as well.

 So last Saturday I had some time to do a few miles and I started off on the trails. I had a simple route planned with some hills but overall a simple route. The day was beautiful, the trails were clean and I was enjoying every second until boom there goes the foot again this time i flew head over heels and landed on the dirt staring at he sky grasping my ankle angry, and confused on what happened now.

 The point of all of this is that even when we plan everything out life has a different plan and all we can do is accept, adjust, and move forward. Now, i'm typing this with an ice pack on my foot and then the ankle brace goes back on. Tonight i might run a little bit to see how it feels and this sunday I am scheduled to lead a group of beginners on a trail run. I will be there, the foot will be achy,but the run will happen.

 This is a great example of dealing with a stressor. This one is easy to identify, I am addressing the problem as annoying as it is and I am adjusting accordingly by letting it rest and recover. This way i will eventually be able to move forward and not let it drag me down.

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