Celebrate Dad & Your Gift is Doubled!

This Father’s Day, I hope you will join me in celebrating the dads in this community. They are often the unsung heroes of our community. They are role models for our sons, providing for our families. Their hearts ache just as profoundly when our children are hurting. Their hearts love just as unconditionally.

That’s why this Father’s Day, I am asking you to celebrate the men in your life -- fathers, husbands, uncles, brothers, sons -- that help you and your family fight against Duchenne every day. And what better way to celebrate these men than by making a donation to PPMD and taking advantage of our incredible board's extended matching gift this spring! The dads showed us love this Mother’s Day -- now it’s our turn!

I didn’t have a lot of long sit down talks with my dad about life. After all, he was German, Catholic, and we lived in the Midwest. He called me Dugan and I never knew why. We didn’t talk about our feelings. But what I got were kernels of advice, morsels of wisdom that I hold on to today. I can still see him smiling and saying, “Love matters, integrity matters, family matters.”

My husband Tom is an amazing father and grandfather. Our home was wrecked when our boys were diagnosed with Duchenne. But while I fell apart or unearthed every medical report on Duchenne or traveled around the world to meet every leading expert I could find in the phone book, Tom was the glue of our family. Without fanfare, completely selfless, Tom kept the family afloat.

My daughter’s husband Kris is incredible with my granddaughter -- and believe me, I’m not an easy judge! Camille has Kris wrapped around her tiny fingers. He will do and does do anything for her. Kris is the perfect partner for Jenny, the perfect dad for Camille, and I am so fortunate to have him as a son in law. 

These men in my life, they are like a security blanket really. I have always surrounded myself with nurturing and supportive men that have held me up, made me a better version of myself, celebrated my victories, and comforted me during failures.

Who are the men in your life that have been by your side, made you stronger, and loved you unconditionally? Today, let’s honor these men. Your donation will be matched, dollar for dollar, and will support the impactful work PPMD is doing to lead us to the day we end Duchenne.

To Tom, Kris, and my dad -- and to all of the amazing men I have met in this community over the years -- thank you. Thank you for always being there when we need you.

Happy Father's Day! 

Pat Furlong

Pat Furlong

P.S. Help support PPMD so that we can continue to create and nurture programs that help empower all of our families in the fight to end Duchenne. Give today in honor of Father’s Day and have your donation matched!

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