Got in the cab at JFK yesterday, tossed my bags at the Indian driver with a few words about the address, while in the middle of a conversation with Kimberly to catch up on stuff. While dodging traffic and seemingly finding alternative routes into the city, I saw the driver looking back via his rear view mirror.  Just as Kimberly and I ended the conversation, he smiled and said "I have a new baby boy."  It felt a little random in a strange way, but then again, I also find the Indian culture a bit more friendly than most. I congratulated him and with that, he pulled down the visor to reveal photos held tight with a rubber band. He slipped his hand under the stack and picked out a 5x7 photo and handed it to me saying "Now I have three, here are the other two."  Two beautiful smiling faces, the black hair and eyes to match.  The boy, maybe ten years old, was in a wheelchair.  His seven-year-old sister sitting on his lap.


The man’s eyes were shining with that parent smile of pride.  He said, "My son has muscular dystrophy." 


As I saw that all too familiar wheelchair, he must have thought I did not understand what he said or what his son has.  He tried to clarify, "You know, muscular dystrophy, you know …"  I said I knew. I told him I worked with a team of people who focused on muscular dystrophy and asked him where/who treated his son.  He said ‘NYU’ and  the name of a doctor I did not recognize.  He said he was on something, ‘pred something’, stammering a little.  I gave him my card, suggested that he email me about his son and any tests that have been performed.   Questioningly, he said, "My baby boy is fine, all the doctors say so" and I have to say I wondered and worried about the doctors, my experience not so trusting.  I hope he will call or email.  I don't know that he will, but the New Jersey staff is ready to take his call.


There are so many days I wish I could run into a famous someone who would be willing to carry our flag, but then I realize what this is all about and how important it is to run into the Mr. Singhs of the world.

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Comment by Donna on May 20, 2011 at 2:55pm

They say things happen for a reason; you got in that cab at that moment and not someone else - - so, I'm guessing his call will be forthcoming.  Just like I took Kyle to his kindergarten physical - unknowingly a week early (this from a mom who is the queen of schedules), so I had to see a different doctor and the rest is history.... He will call.


Comment by Manuel Antonio Quintero on May 12, 2011 at 2:38pm

About trusting us the best is Dr. John Bach at the NJ University Hospital his web page is same as his name. We own him our son Manny's life......


Comment by nbpendley on May 12, 2011 at 1:49pm

"The man's eyes were shining . . ."  Wonderful!!  mine are shining now too.   PPMD has made a big difference for me as a parent (and for my son).   Thank you!


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