Frequently I take the train from Penn Station in NY to somewhere. Hackensack, NJ,  Metro Park, NJ, Front Street Station, Philadelphia or Union Station in Washington, DC. At regular intervals, announcements are made about trains, tracks, delays, changes, typically followed by the words, we work hard to insure safety on trains, “If you see something, say something”. The phrase is repeated frequently to heighten our senses, to open our eyes, to give us permission to say something, even if we are mistaken. Rather be safe than sorry.


We lost an 11 year old boy, Mitchell Wilson because of a terrorist in many ways. A bully. Surely someone noticed.  His teachers. His peers. His parents knew, his parents watched Mitchel change. Become more fearful, withdrawn, frightened to death. I can imagine there were some who ignored what was happening, others who dismissed the bullying as ‘kids being kids’ and still others who were unable or unwilling to see.


Mitchell Wilson, like every other child, wanted to grow up and grow old. The actions of one person diminished him, negated his self-esteem an ended whatever dreams he may have had. Sadly, we will never know.

Bullying is terrorism. “If you see something, say something”.   

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Comment by kimmy watters on September 30, 2011 at 7:23pm

 i am deeply sorry that  has happen,   we now live  in  a world  where there is so much disrecpt  for one another, l  think the  kids who are able to walk should spend the day in  a wheel chair to what it is like.


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