Laughter echoed from down the hallway. I paused folding the laundry momentarily to listen. It was MEA week and my two younger sons were off from school for the next few days. We had happily agreed to entertain my nine year old niece Kayla and her friend Meaghan during this time. Just the week before my boys had mentioned they missed playing with their cousin Kayla and wondered when we could have her stay over again. It is wonderful sometimes how things can just magically fall into place.

Kayla brought so much joy to my sons world when she was around. They adored her and she doted on them as if they were in her care. Never ceasing to assist them in any way she could, with so much love. I could hear cheering and giggling now which caused me to smile. Kayla as if like magic fit into our complicated world so easily.

When Josiah out grew his first electric chair last summer, I had decided to store it in the garage until I could find somewhere to donate it. While Kayla was over one day she asked if she could use it to ride around the yard with the boys. Josiah in his new chair immediately loved the idea that he could race with Kayla around the yard. After buckling her into the chair and giving her a few safety rules I watched as they began roaming the yard together. Smiles and laughter came from all three as they rounded trees and darted in between bushes. That was our Kayla, she always managed to find ways to fit into their world rather than leave them feeling awkward or uncomfortable about being different.

Today was no exception for her. She immediately began assisting me the moment she arrived. With her beautiful smile she took off down the hall pushing Josiah in his desk chair toward the computer room to help him start up the computer to play Mine Craft. She returned shortly, announcing that she would get Josiah a snack as soon as she helped Cody out of the Lego room, so he could play PS3. I marveled at her ability to accept them so lovingly. She absolutely understood their special needs and capabilities, rather than looking at them with unrealistic expectations. I looked up as Kayla came back to the dining room table, where I folded clothes. So matter of fact she told me Josiah probably should have a snack now. I had to bend down and scoop her up in my arms to hug her. Yes, she was right, we were on a mission to help Josiah gain back the weight he had lost form his surgery a few months prior, and she certainly was eager to help. We were so lucky to have this wonderful angel in our lives. I told Kayla she did not have to wait on them, she could let me know if they need something. With her beautiful blue eyes she looked up at me smiling and told me she liked helping them, and ran off down the hall towards them.

Kayla spent the day with her friend running from room to room taking turns playing with my sons. Engaging and interacting with whatever it was that my boys wanted to do. It was wonderful listening to laughter and seeing my sons so happy. I shook my head thinking back to the day before, when I had wondered if I should have planned something special to do during their time off from school. Watching Kayla as she made herself accessible for my sons I realized I did. Having an angel to play with definitely was special. It is days like this that reminded me, Duchenne may always be present in our lives but, LOVE allows us to see so much much more.

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Comment by PPMD on October 24, 2011 at 12:09pm

"It is days like this that reminded me, Duchenne may always be present in our lives but, LOVE allows us to see so much much more."

What a great blog Rita... Thank you so much for sharing with us!

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