2017 World Muscle Society: Highlighting Progress in Duchenne

“WMS - What’s the buzz?”


It has been many years since I’ve had the opportunity to attend the World Muscle Society meeting and wow how things have changed! While PPMD has strong representation here every year, this year I have the pleasure of being here alongside Kathi Kinnett.


Kathi and I will both be sharing highlights from the meeting for our community over the next few days, but I thought it might help to provide some context.


First – What is WMS?

This is the 22nd International Annual Congress of the World Muscle Society. It’s the annual gathering that brings together the world’s top neuromuscular clinicians, academics, research scientists, and industry leaders from across the globe. Topics presented here feature breakthroughs and highlights in diseases across the neuromuscular spectrum. In short, for the clinical and research world, this meeting is a big deal. It’s the Superbowl of the neuromuscular community.


In fact, many companies sync their calendars to this meeting each year so that they’ll have new announcements and data to release from the meeting. That’s why you’ll notice that many of the companies in our Duchenne space have been pushing out announcements today; they are syncing their PR to the day of their WMS presentations.


So, here’s why I walked around the opening reception last night thinking… Wow. Just wow.


The last time I was here, there were maybe 20 or so Duchenne posters and a couple of oral presentations. Remember, this is a neuromuscular meeting.


Today alone (day one of three days), there are 3 posters sessions, with 2 running concurrently and more than 100 Duchenne posters being presented. Just today.


There are 15 pharmaceutical sponsors supporting the meeting and featuring displays; 6 of them are focused on Duchenne.


And every session of oral presentations includes multiple Duchenne presentations.


Our calendars are filled with meetings with partners who are excited to be working with our Duchenne community and eager to accelerate therapy development efforts.


Over the next few days, PPMD will be sharing highlights from presentations and posters, as well as the press releases that are being released in conjunction with the meeting (see below for today's updates so far). But as I sit in the opening session of the meeting I just wanted to share my non-scientific impression through the lens of Duchenne.


And a gathering of the world’s best and brightest all excited about Duchenne is a good sign.

Today's Press Releases: 

  • Catabasis - Catabasis Pharmaceuticals Reports Positive Results From Open-Label Extension Of Phase 2 MoveDMD® Trial Evaluating Edasalonexent In Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy And Plans To Initiate Phase 3 Clinical Trial In First Half 2018
  • Santhera - Santhera Presents Data and Hosts Symposium on Respiratory Function Decline in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy at the World Muscle Society Congress


  • Summit - Summit Highlights DMD Biomarker Validation Data at 22nd WMS Congress
  • Capricor - Capricor Therapeutics Presents Positive Six-Month Results in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy at World Muscle Society International Congress

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