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We recently had the opportunity to have a first hand look at a converted Honda Element for wheelchair access on the passenger side. I was very
pleased in what I saw.

First off I have not been impressed with some of the accessible transport vans on the market. We once owned a
minivan and known many people who owned minivans. We determined that all
minivans are just pieces of junk. Converted or not – these cars never
seem to last very long.

With that I wanted something a bit more not minivan. The Honda Element seems to fit that bill.:)

Here is a link on what the Honda Element X-Wav conversion is about (http://www.fminow.com/).

My next steps are how to pay for such a vehicle. These vehicles run about
$20000 for the conversion alone. You still have to add in the cost of a
vehicle. The rub I have is I could buy an entry level Mercedes. Oh well –
kind of a pain in the arse to get a chair in a Mercedes.

As I go through my journey of financing, including loans, grants, etc. I will definitely share what we go through.

I would love to hear experiences from other people on what they have gone through to get their accessible vehicles.


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Comment by Nick Grande on October 24, 2010 at 9:08pm
Hello Servais Family,

have you seen the new purpose-built accessible solution from Vehicle Production Group? Visit the website @ www.vpgautos.com for more information.

This vehicle has been built with only your needs in mind, not an after thought conversion that changes the strutural rigidity or safety features like Braun and other manufactures. The new MV-1 is estimated to be Under $40,000 USD and will be available for delivery in the new year. There has been a discussion/forum with some of our friends. If you would like to discuss the vehicle please do not hesitate to contact me. My phone number is listed on our website.

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