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Due to the learning challenges that are sometimes associated with Duchenne we go to downtown Milwaukee for dyslexia tutoring. Whenever we
get there, my Mom would first have to drop Lucas and I off by the front
doors since the snow is way to deep along the curbside to go in.
Sometimes we would bring the stroller or sometimes the walker. The last
time we went we brought the stroller. When Lucas would get into the
stroller, we would head inside. There are stairs that we have to go up
to sign in but, fortunately, there is an elevator behind a door so we go
through there. Behind the elevator, there is a walkway that my mom
would go sign in for Lucas. Lucas and I can't go up with her because
there is more stairs. When my mom gets back from signing in, we all get
into the elevator. When we got to the third story, there were no more
stairs that we had to climb, so all we have to do is push him to the
door where he gets tutored. We would do the exact same thing when is was
over. In my opinion, I don't like to stand out in the freezing cold for
about 7 minutes. Its also really hard to get him all the way up to the
third story and its a lot longer than going up the stairs.

Playing outside in the summer is a lot better than winter mainly since Lucas
can do a lot more stuff than winter. Two of the biggest things that we
do in summer are biking and swimming. Biking is a lot different since he
has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. I got my bike that I ride in while my
bother has his power wheelchair. I actually like his wheelchair though
it doesn't go as fast as my bike, but it can keep up with me. We like to
ride sometimes when its too hot out or sometimes when we're bored. I
would like to ride longer with him, but the chair only lasts about 35
minutes a ride. The pool issue is a different story. We have this pool
that is tiny, but somewhat high. All we have is a three step latter to
get into the pool. That is really the biggest problem. Lucas has a hard
time getting into the pool when our friends are over or when we want to
go into the pool sometimes. He can climb the first three steps, but when
he needs to turn around, he starts to struggle. Most of the time my
parents would have to lift him into the pool and when he wants to get
out, my dad usually has to lift him out. Since we live near the YMCA,
its a bit more likely that we would go there instead. But most of the
time, it is very crowded. In my opinion for the pool, I think that we
could install a ramp so that Lucas and I could go in with out any

These are a few things that are different when having a brother with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.


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