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It has been nice to have a break from the normal routine for a couple of weeks. Between Christmas and New Years I usually have off from my job
and the family takes advantage of it. One of the things however that we
don't get a break from is the daily stretching that Lucas needs. We've
done our best to make sure that Lucas is still getting that over the
holidays. All his other appointments - therapy, tutoring, etc. have been
pretty much put on hold.

Irma ran into another local Mom whose son has Duchenne, and Irma mentioned to me that they briefly discussed the use of the Hoyer lift. As part of my whole anal tendencies to be more proactive with
what Lucas needs - I've been lobbying for the purchase of a Hoyer
lift for a few years now. I may have additional ammo now as their
conversation referenced how long it took for the appropriate medical
benefits to justify the need for one.

What we have seen first hand, as well as many families, is that Medicaid will not provide
equipment until it is absolutely needed. That can make sense except by
the time it is absolutely needed
it still takes half a year to sort through all the paperwork and
process needed to get the item. A bit long to associate with the word absolute.

Wisconsin residents - I would highly recommend going to Wheelchair Recycling (http://www.wrp.org) to get used equipment. We picked up a used pediatric walker and a used
wheelchair for pennies on the dollar of having to buy something new.
Also, most of the time we were able to get something for Lucas within a
couple of months.

For those of you in other states - You will need to check your local resources for used equipment. It may save you
in a pinch if needed.

The walker (rightfully named Walker Texas Ranger) came in handy whenever Lucas needed that extra help and the wheelchair allows him to keep up with the
other kids during the more pleasant Wisconsin seasons where Lucas can
get out and play.

Just a thought to start off the new year.


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